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Warship Battle 3D Mod Apk – Unlimited Gold, Money and All Ships

Warship Battle 3D Mod Apk

PublisherJoycity Corp.
Latest Version2.8.9
File Size83 MB and OBB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Money and everything Unlocked
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Warship Battle 3D Mod APK


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Warship Battle (Mod Apk) is a World War 2 based warship battle game by Joycity. The game is inspired by the historic naval clashes of World War II. With a community of over 10 million active users, Warship Battle 3D World War II is one of the most played battleship games out there. The game is rated 4.2 on the Google Play store by over 600k users and new game updates are launched almost every month.

In Warship Battle, you have to destroy enemy ships, earn gold, money and medals and upgrade your ship to advance further in the game. On your course to victory, you run into a variety of enemy vessels. These vessels include tanks, submarines, fighter planes etc.


The game is divided into episodes and missions. The first episode is ‘Battle of Taranto (1940)’. In mission 1, your objective is to reach the target area.

Enemies within targeting range are marked with an HP bar. You have to upgrade your radar to increase the valid range. More items can be purchased from the store and you can use them for extra help in battles.

The number of torpedos or missiles you can use in each battle is limited to the number of Rounds you begin with. You can refill the rounds with the Reload Weapon item.
The cost of ammo used in a battle is deducted at the end of every mission.

You get to control and operate mighty era-authentic warships like HMS KGV Giant and HMS Bulldog and you upgrade these ships with more firepower to make them better and deadlier. You have options to fire torpedoes, machine guns, and missiles to end your enemies.

As the name suggests, the game is set in World War 2 era. The game is extremely interesting and your performance largely depends on how well you can control your warship in battles. You can earn money by completing missions but you might also end up owing money if you fire too many missiles and torpedos. Please note that the artillery cost money in Warship Battle.

The controls of the game are based on two concepts. Tilt to aim and use direction buttons to navigate the ship. You can upgrade your:

  • Guns,
  • Engine of the ship,
  • Armour,
  • Radar,
  • Torpedoes, and
  • Aircrafts.

When you destroy enemy ships, some of them give medals, money and other items. Collect these items as they come in very handy during the game.

Why do I need Warship Battle Mod Apk?

You can download Warship Battle 3D for free from the Play and App stores but there is a big catch. The catch is that in order to make significant progress in the game, you need resources. These resources are

  • Gold,
  • Money, and
  • Special Battle Packages

Organically, the game does reward you with Gold and Cash but that’s barely enough to survive let alone make any new purchases. These purchases can be upgrades or new ships. But whatever it is, you need unlimited Gold and Money.

Warship Battle Unlimited Gold.jpg

Even if you decide to buy more Gold and Cash, that also costs a fortune. The 2500 Gold package costs $50 and a new battle package can cost upto $10. Over time, these costs can add up to a lot of money.
Turns out, the only solution to this problem is Joycity Warship Battle Unlimited Gold Mod Apk. You can get all of the resources mentioned above for free without ever paying a dime in in-app purchases. Your quest for Warship Battle Cheats is over because now, all you need is the mod apk.

Below is a list of all the features of Warship Battle 3D Mod Apk:



Gold is the primary currency of Warship Battle: 3D World War II. You need Gold to buy new ships, upgrade existing ones, to unlock new Episodes and missions and to buy new battle packages. Gold is extremely hard to come by organically in the game and when you buy it, it costs a lot of money. You can get Unlimited Gold in Warship Battle for free by downloading the latest Warshi Battle Joycity Mod Apk.


If you’ve played Warship Battle before then you must be aware that resources like missiles and torpedoes cost you money. If you use too many of them in a mission, you might with the mission but can end up with very low Gold and Money reserves. Use the latest Warship Battle Mod Apk to get unlimited money for free.

Unlocked Battle Packages

Battle Packages are the special episodes you can play in Warship Battle 3D. Some of these are extremely interesting and only available if you buy them. These are the different battle packages with their costs:

Beginners Package$0.99
Attack on Pearl Harbor Package$3.99
Battle of Wake Island Package$5.99
Battle of Malay Package$7.99
Battle of Midway Package$9.99

If you use Warship Battle Mod Apk, you can get all of these packages for free and enjoy amazing new battles.

All Battleships Unlocked

At the beginning of the game, most all the Battleships are locked in the game. You can’t even buy them because you don’t have enough gold and cash at the starting. The easiest way to get all these ships unlocked is by installing the latest Warship Battle Mod Apk.


If you are World War 2 or a history buff or if you are into fighter ships you’d love this game. There are not a lot of other Warship games that are as enjoyable as Warship Battle 3D is. The wide variety of ships, guns, and aircrafts are the reasons behind the popularity of this Joycity game.
You can also lookout for real World War II based hidden missions. Play this game using the latest Warship Battle Mod Apk and enjoy an authentic World War-era naval fight.

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