Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK

NameVegas Crime Simulator
PublisherNaxeex LLC
Latest Version3.6
File Size91 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Dimonds
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK


3.6/5 - (42 votes)

Vegas Crime Simulator (Mod APK) is an open-world crime based action-adventure game developed and published by Naxeex Studio. The gameplay focuses on a player-created protagonist who attempts to rise through the ranks of the criminal world. Set out in a fictional locale modeled after the American city of Las Vegas, the player is given the ability to drive any vehicle or fire any weapon as they explore the city. The objective of the player is to complete a sequence of missions involving driving, shooting, money, and diamond recovery as well as engaging in side activities, such as robberies, carjacking, occasional role-playing, stealth, and street racing.

The game is rendered in 3D, but the background details are very sparse, and character animations are cartoonish. The prominent locations of the city you explore are often bare, lacking significant real-world resemblance. Although the game’s graphics might not appeal to an electronic athlete, they are lite on the smartphone’s battery and processor, unlike other titles in this genre. Considering the fact that the game is under 95 MB in size, the graphics of Vegas Crime Simulator (Mod APK) are quite acceptable.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK graphics

During its release in June 2017, it received mixed reviews from critics and players alike, who criticized the game for being a GTA clone, as well as praised it for introducing fictional superheroes from Marvel and Transformers. The game also generated controversy, with criticism directed at the depiction of extreme violence and blood. This game revolves around crime, mafia, guns, and a lot of explosive action and thus rated for players above the age of 18.

Despite its initial bad reviews, the game has been a commercial success, having been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play alone and earning a score of 4.1 out of 5. Recognizing the success of the game, Naxeex Studio recently released the second edition of the game named Vegas Crime Simulator 2, which offers improved graphics.


Vegas Crime Simulator (Mod APK) is an action-adventure game where the player takes on the role of a criminal in the city of Las Vegas. Structured similarly to the Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans, the core gameplay consists of elements in a third-person shooter and a driving game in a free-roam environment.

Like most simulation games, you start out by creating your character. You can customize your character’s look and clothes from tip to toe. This character is capable of running, sprinting, walking, climbing, jumping, and driving as well as using various weapons for combat. The player controls this self-created avatar to make him drive, shoot, and complete mission from a third-person perspective. By means of multiple mod versions of Vegas Crime Simulator, players can become Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, and Transformar robot.

Vegas Crime Simulator Iron man

Although storyline missions are necessary to progress through the game and collect resources like money, gems, and weapons, they are not required as the player can always freely-roam and look around the city. Apart from completing the mission for money the player can robe pedestrians, steal their vehicles as well as work as an ambulance driver. Creating devastation in the city can attract unwanted and potentially fatal attention of SWAT, FBI, and Military. The intensity of the havoc created is represented by five stars on the top right corner of the screen, which shows the wanted level. The higher wanted levels, the more you are on the radar of the authorities.

The game begins with a brief cutscene where Simon, your only friend in the city, explains to you that getting out without a weapon might get you killed. He then asks for a favor in return, of which he will provide you a gun. An arrow then directs you to various checkpoints where you are given a task. Once you return to Simon, he hands you an old Uzi and asks you to find Rimon, who is looking for someone to deal with his business. From here on, you are given several tasks that include debt collection, bringing back stolen items, and dispatching gangster among the others. These missions will reward you with diamonds, cash, and EXP. Based on these three rewards, Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK was created. Continue reading to find out why they are required.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK – Why is it required?

Vegas Crime Simulator unlimited money and diamonds

Diamonds and Money are the only two currencies in the game. They are highly valuable for players who want to advance in the game with the best of weapons and vehicles. Having enough of these two ensures an easy win in most of the missions. Apart from helping you win games, these virtual assets serve various purposes, including VIP membership, class, status, or identity. Whatever the reason, the demand for these assets is ever increasing in the game.

The only means of earning them is to complete the long haul missions loot pedestrians or take minuscule jobs. The developers have designed the game in such a way that with every level, the amount of money earned or diamonds collected shorts fall of the amount required to make the necessary purchases. This leaves advanced players with two options either to make an IAP (In-app purchase) or quit the game. Quitting the game will cause them to lose all the progress they made so far, considering all these reasons, some third party developers created Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK is a modified version of the standard game available on Google Play. The mod version comes with unlimited money and diamonds so that a player’s progress in the game is not restricted because of his inability to procure them from within the game. The Mod APK also introduces unlimited health, a feature that prevents the player’s health from degrading while completing dangerous missions. Other features of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK are discussed below.


Here is the list of features of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK.


Money is one of two primary currencies in the game. It is used for upgrading player-controlled avatar’s abilities, customize its appearance and purchasing ammo, unlocking weapons, cars, and various other equipment. Within the game, there are a limited number of opportunities to earn money, which makes it challenging to perform the aforementioned customizations. With Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK, you get unlimited money, and this money stays with you even if you are busted and respawned.


Diamonds or gems are the hardest resources to collect in the game. Only a few tough missions reward you with diamonds. If you fail a task that had your diamonds at stake, you lose all of them. Most players refrain from taking such mission as in most of the cases, they lose the mission. Diamonds are used to unlock the best of combat vehicles like tanks, helicopters, and monster trucks. They are also the only means to unlock Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, and Transformer Robots. Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK includes unlimited diamonds considering all these critical use cases.


Health is a resource and a stat in the game. It is displayed as a red bar in the top right corner of the gameplay screen. In Vegas Crime Simulator, almost all missions involve combats with gangsters. These combats are tough to win if a player does not has unlimited health. The unlimited health feature regenerates the health withing seconds of being hit by a bullet.

Iron Man and Hulk Superhero Mod

The only feature that differentiates this game from the rest of the open-world crime games is the Superhero mod. The Superhero mod apk, also known as the god mode, introduces several Marvel superheroes to the game. You can control Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, and Caption America to complete your missions.


Needless to say, if you are after becoming a virtual supervillain and want to experience the life of a criminal, this game will definitely sate your needs. However, if you are in need of adding something more substantial to the game, it might be better to go with Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK. Not only will you get to experience superheroes in a villans role but also the unlimited resource that makes the gameplay a lot more easier. Vegas Crime Simulator is way too simple to be fully enjoyable, but it is acceptable for people who just want a crime simulator.Unlimited Unlimited


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