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The Sims Freeplay Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Money, VIP Points) v5.47.1

Sims Freeplay mod apk

NameThe Sims FreePlay
Latest Version5.50.0
File Size33 MB
FeaturesMoney, VIP Points
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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The Sims FreePlay Mod APK


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How does your dream place look likes? Happy people living their dream and leading a fulfilled life, sounds satisfying, right? The Sims Freeplay is unlike any other game out where you have to fight, defend, and complete a hundred other objectives. The game flow is simple. You have to make your sims happy and develop your city. Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, The Sims Freeplay is a simulation game with over 200 million downloads on Google PlayStore. The application size is just a little above 30 MB (OBB), and it has been rated for users with 12+ years of age because of the matured content in the game. The game is an absolute fun tucked in with a million possibilities to explore. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the details.


The Sims Freeplay is a sandbox game which means that there is no specific objective that needs to be completed here. Showcase your story using your sims in real-time, customize their closets, homes, and help them live their dream life. In the way, you can complete goals to earn simoleons which will help you expand your Sim town. Start new relationships, make lifelong friends, and throw up those amazing pool parties that you always dreamt of. In for some drama? Watch things spice up when you become rude to your family members and deny an almost perfect marriage proposal. The Sims Freeplay lets you relive at every stage of your life from babies to oldies.

Why is a mod needed for The Sims Freeplay?

There are no predefined objectives in the game which make it hard for the players to figure out the direction in which they should advance. It’s evident from the introduction and gameplay part that all you need to do is plan and design the city according to your taste. However, while you are purchasing lots of stuff and designing your dream city, there are chances of making a wrong call. So, it becomes essential to have a backup, especially when you don’t want to grind your money in the game. This is where The Sims Freeplay Mod APK comes to play its part.

Unlimited Vip points, Simoleons, LPs, SPs

The mod version gives you unlimited money, VIP points, extra Social and lifestyle points. All items in “The Online Store” which includes Lifestyle Points, Simoleons, Social Points and even Special items such as Adidas clothes, premium, and basic home packs are unlocked with the mod version. These items are present in unlimited quantity and can be used multiple times throughout the game. Also, no purchases have to made to collect VIP points. There are unlimited VIP points already present in the game that can be used to unlock exclusive perks and level up your VIP status. All in all the mod apk of The Sims Freeplay provides a player with everything possible in the game in unlimited quantity.


The Sims Freeplay offers a lot of collectibles that can be earned by completing actions such as building a house, decorating and upgrading it. Some collectibles like Simoleons (unit of currency used in the game) are easy to gather while others like VIP, Social, and Lifestyle points are hard to collect. Without the Simoleons and other points, it is impossible to progress through the game. The Sims Freeplay Mod APK offers all these collectibles in unlimited quantity.


Simoleons(§), the unit of currency in the game is equivalent to real-life money in the game. It is used for purchasing everything in the game from an SUV to even a pizza. Much like the real world, better quality items are generally more expensive. Money is always in high demands in the game, and that is why the mod version of The Sims Freeplay offer Unlimited Simoleons/money so that you can buy the best quality stuff for your sims.

All Items Unlocked

There is a ton of stuff available in the store and unlocking all of them can probably take months. If you aren’t comfortable with this scenario and want to advance faster than other players, you can get all items unlocked with The Sims Freeplay Mod APK. The mod version unlocks all prizes, items, and levels. Even door to wand room, mystery island and stairs are unlocked as soon the apk is installed.

VIP Points

For every purchase made in the in-game store, a player gets VIP points. The number of VIP points received depends on the amount spent in dollars for each purchase. These points will accumulate to level up your VIP and unlock new perks like double shift, mega spin, bonus SPs, and LPs. Getting enough of these to reach level 15 will be very tough, that is why the mod grants unlimited VIP points.

Extra LPs and SPs

LPs and SPs stand for Lifestyle Points and Social Points, respectively. They are a type of in-game currency which is used to buy premium items household items as well as to speed up actions like house construction. Having the right amount of lifestyle and social points will make your sims happy and lead a prosperous life. With The Sims Freeplay Mod APK, you can get unlimited LPs and SPs.

Sims Freeplay Clothes Mod

It’s great to wear and look good, and thus, owning a good wardrobe becomes crucial. With the Freeplay clothes mod not only you will unlock custom clothes, but you will also get access to some uber-cool hairstyles.

Gameplay Video

Hack “The Sims Freeplay” with Lucky Patcher on Android

It’s essential to know all the possible solutions to a problem. If The Sims Freeplay Mod APK was the first solution here, hacking it using lucky patcher is the second. Pay attention to all the steps mentioned below to hack the game:

  1. Download and Install Lucky Patcher.
  2. Install “The Sims Freeplay” from play store
  3. Open Lucky Patcher and select “The Sims Freeplay” from the list.
  4. Open the available option of patches by clicking on the menu button.
  5. Select “Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation” from the list of sub-menus.
  6. Enable the first two options and move on by hitting the APPLY button.
  7. Once the patching process is complete, open the game to notice that you can purchase store items for free now.
  8. Enjoy the all-new The Sims Freeplay mod created by you.


With “The Sims Freeplay Mod APK” you can practically customize every inch of the game according to your taste. With unlimited money and VIP points, you can build the best house in the entire Sim City. Keep up to 34 sims and help them start their family. Expand your Sims town with a mall, a beach, a pet store, and even a car dealership store. Compare your designing skills with your friends and explore endless possibilities. Get ready for endless fun because you are going to be spotted playing this game everywhere.

 Unlimited Unlimited


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Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for The Sims Freeplay Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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