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Star Wars Commander Mod APK by NaturalMotionGames Ltd (v7.8.1.253)

Star Wars Commander

NameStar Wars™: Commander
PublisherNaturalMotionGames Ltd
Latest Version7.8.1.253
File Size85 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Crystals
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Star Wars Commander Mod APK


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If “May the force be with you” rings a bell to you, you’re probably a Star Wars fan. The legacy of Star Wars has been carried by 9 movie releases. Now, it’s time to take Star Wars on handheld devices. One of the most epic Star Wars game out there, Star Wars: Commander is a pure delight for every fan. Smash Lightsabers, destroy units like AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, STormtroopers, and many more as you take the fate of the galaxy in your hands. One of the most hyped games on the Editors’ Choice list on Google PlayStore, Star Wars: Commander was an instant hit after it crossed 10 million total downloads in no time. To achieve this feat, developers at NaturalMotionGames Ltd have done an amazing job in graphics, controllability, and performance. Mesmerized? Free up some space on your smartphone because I am sure that it will be hard to keep your hands off of this amazing game.


Star Wars Commander takes you into intergalactic fights where you can battle with or against some of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars universe like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and many more. Your prime objective in the game is to stand by one side, the Rebellion or the Empire and fight with them till your last breath. During the course, you will train your troops to charge into battle, defend your base against evil enemy forces, complete story missions, battle in different worlds within the Star Wars Universe, level up your heroes, and ultimately gaining all possible rewards. Create alliances by joining forces with your social connections and forming an ultimate squad to expand your empire. All the story missions are inspired from the Star Wars Universe making it a hit amongst die-hard Star Wars fans. Well, the game requires your Android to be running version 4.0 or later, so, you’re good to go even if you have a potato smartphone. Following up in the realm are a few reasons that disappoint its users in one form of other.

Why a Mod is required for Star Wars: Commander?

Star Wars: Commander is free to download and play, however, there are in-app purchases that can be pulled off using real money. In-app purchases confirm the fact that no player can fully unlock Star Wars: Commander without throwing in some form of money. Further, the time given to users to complete a given task is not sufficient and worsens further when you level up. On a personal note, I also feel that some buildings take a lifetime to complete the upgrade. These waiting times can go up to anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Last but not the least, the matchmaking progress sucks and you will be matched with stronger alliances smashing you out of the game in seconds. If you’re not willing to sacrifice some bucks for a better gaming experience, you can unlock more in-game content for free using Star Wars Commander Mod APK, a modified version of the app that will make your strong squad even stronger. We are not going to reveal everything about the mod in the introductory part, spend some time reading the next section where we discuss some of the most exciting features in detail.


Star Wars Commander Mod APK is not popular for just any reason. It comes loaded with a bevy of features, features interesting enough to keep anyone glued to their phone. Here are some noteworthy features of the mod that you might be interested in:


Money is the primary and most commonly encountered currency in the game. For every battle you win and for every milestone you reach, you will be rewarded with money. However, after you have reached a certain level, building upgrades will consume a lot of money and will leave you bankrupt. If you are willing to go a step ahead, download Star Wars Commander Mod APK where you will get unlimited money for free.

Private Server Based

Star Wars Commander is a multiplayer game and makes use of an active internet connection to stay connected with the game servers at all times. Since modding such a server-side game is not possible, modifications are done on a private server which is then linked with the game files. So, if you’re wondering if they are going to ban you for using the mod, they even don’t know about your account’s existence.


Increased health always gives an advantage to the player. With Star Wars Commander Mod APK, your character will be boosted with unlimited health to crush every enemy coming his/her way.


Crystal is the premium currency in the game and can be used to boost in-game progress. To skip the waiting time, you can use a given number of crystals depending on the upgrade to complete it instantly. With Star Wars Commander Mod APK, you will get unlimited crystals that you can utilize to keep your umpire always up to the mark.


Star Wars Commander never fails to surprise its users with new updates. In mid-October 2014, a hackathon was organized where developers brainstormed ideas for new features and that’s where the “Faction Flipping” feature too birth, a feature that allows you to play for the side not chosen previously. However, users tend to dislike difficult in-game progress mechanism and that’s where Star Wars Commander Mod APK outstands the original version. What are you waiting for? Join millions around the globe to play in this epic combat strategy game.


All applications at are tested and verified before being made available to the users. Star Wars Commander Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for Star Wars Commander Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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