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Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Rings to Unlock Characters)

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NameSonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
GenreAction & Adventure
Latest Version1.9.0
File Size55 MB
Mod FeaturesVarious in-game characters unlocked
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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Mod APK


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It all started back in 1991 when the first-ever video game starring Sonic the Hedgehog was released. Followed by the video game and its different versions was a TV show featuring the same Mascot, Sonic which was later accompanied by the handheld version of the game for iOS users on March 7, 2013. It was made available for Android users after a huge waiting time of nearly 8 months and a few other platforms in the next quarter. Sonic Dash performed really well and as a result, its successor, Sonic Dash 2 was rolled out in the market soon. Sonic Dash has a promising community of more than 50 million users on Google PlayStore alone. The outperformed all odds and received an excellent review with 4.3/5 from almost 5 million players. Get to know about the secret sauce that makes it so popular in the next section.


Sonic Dash Sonic Boom mod apk gameplay

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is the successor of endless runner game Sonic Dash. Released with almost similar gameplay elements, the newer version gets fresh cast and levels inspired by the Sonic Boom television series. The primary objective of the game is to run as far as possible without hitting obstacles and enemies. There are 6 playable characters in the game, each having a special power. For instance, Sonic the Hedgehog has the Dash Magnet ability which helps him to get all coins at a level without a need of collecting them individually. Similarly, Miles has the ability to get a second chance if the level fails, Amy Rose has a ring hammer and so on. There are 2 separate mission lists in the game, completing which will grant you rewards at the end of the play. These prizes offer global score multiplier, rings, red star rings, sprites or boom bosts and upgrades the player to the next mission in the list. Completing these missions is the most efficient way to earn in-game currency, you can alternatively purchase them from the in-game store as well. Our words will not do justice to the experience it offers, it’s best to try out the game yourself by checking it out for free on the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store.

Review of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Mod APK

Although Sonic Dash 2: Sonic boom has a great potential to be one of the best games, it has its fair share of issues just like any other game. For instance, you will always encounter an ad if you have internet running on your device after every run. Moreover, the game lags and freezes once you have made significant process in the game and will often crash at times. There have been repeated complaints against occurrences where users would lose all their in-game progress and resources during unexpected app shutdowns.

What’s there to help?

Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK, a modified version of the game made its way into the market to tackle all the problems faced by the original one. It has comparatively lesser crashes and offers an immersive in-game experience. The best part? It comes for free. Accompanied by the optimization of the app game, Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK also offers unlimited in-game resources at no extra cost. Try it to believe it, click on the following link to download Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK.


This unlimited everything application comes with a bevy of features, 4 of which are discussed in details below:


A Ring is the primary in-game currency and plays a significant part in the in-game progress. These rings can be collected throughout the levels or can be purchased from the in-game store. Acquired rings can be used to purchase further in-game items in the like different items and upgrades. With Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK, you don’t have to worry about rings since the version comes with unlimited rings at your disposal at all times.

All Characters Unlocked

As mentioned earlier in the gameplay section, Sonic Dash 2 features 6 different playable characters. Out of these 6 characters, you can acquire some by leveling up whereas some can only be accessed during special time-limited events. With Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK, all characters will be already unlocked and you can choose one of your favorites to take them for a spin.

Red Star Rings

Red Star rings can be obtained via rewards received after completing missions and can be purchased from the in-game store as well. Players can use these red star rings to unlock new characters as well as upgrade them. Since the mod already has characters unlocked, the primary use is limited to upgrading them. With Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK, users will get unlimited star rings that they can utilize in upgrading their characters that will directly increase the score multiplier.


Revives can be used to reinstate a run if a player hits an obstacle or is killed by an enemy. Revives allow the user to respawn at the most recent checkpoint and continues the run. It’s really helpful for players who are looking to break the characters’ individual high score.


Many say that Sonic Dash 2 is a great representation of Sonic Dash TV series while some say it isn’t. You can only get a taste of the experience once you decide to try it yourself. In my opinion, Sonic Dash 2 is a great competitor for other endless runner games like Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers. However, there’s a punch missing in the graphics that lightens the whole gaming experience for users who like to stick with detailed gaming dynamics. Whereas, there is still a ray of hope that says that these issues will be fixed in the upcoming updates. For now, the best way to enjoy the game to its fullest is through downloading Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK which is a significantly better choice in many aspects. Stop waiting and start running.Unlimited Unlimited


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