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SimCity Buildlt

NameSimCity BuildIt
PublisherSocial Quantum Ltd
Latest Version1.30.6.91708
File Size114 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Coins and Unlocked Heroes
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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“If a building is an art, the architect is an artist”. With the art-artist meme going viral, this quote might be the best representation of the game that we are going to discuss today. A balanced mixture of everything from managerial roles to architecture, SimCity is a release from the Electronic Arts that lets you design a metropolis of your own. Trending on the Editors’ Choice list with more than half a billion downloads, SimCity deserves all the fame. It received over 48 million positive ratings equating to nearly 1:1 download: feedback ratio. Longing to know what made this game a huge success? Roll down your eyes to the next section where we head to discuss the gameplay of SimCity.


Made by the gaming giants Electronic Arts, SimCity is a building simulation game where your prime objective is to design and create a metropolis. SimCity will put you in the position of a City Mayor who has to take all the important calls for his city and citizens. Build and design the whole city from scratch and establish skyscrapers, parks, buildings, factories, and much more. Commercialize the city along the coastline, build a marina, waterparks, and luxury beach facing resorts. Build legendary monuments like the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty to make your city stand out of the rest. Compete in real-time Club Wars where you discuss strategies with other members and declare war on other cities. Go hand to hand against the world’s best mayors for the top spot and get rewarded for the achievements.

The function of Idle Heroes Mod

If you want to progress at a normal speed, you have to spend actual money. However, if you don’t put some real buck into the game and want to proceed with in-game loots, you will get a clingy feeling that the game is progressing at a very slow speed. Recurring videos ads will worsen the situation and will leave you with the only option, uninstall the game. We have turned the table upside by finding an all-in-one solution to all these problems. SimCity BuildIt Mod APK, a modified and redesigned version of the game that changes the perspective. With unlimited in-game resources and zero ads policy, the mod is a delight for every SimCity user.

Game Features


There are 3 currencies of prime importance in the game, one of which is the coin. Also known as Simoleons, these coins are used to maintain the city, pay off debts, and to make purchases from the in-game store. Primary ways to obtain simoleons is by taxes and business deals. To avoid too much debt and maintain city standards, it’s important to have enough simoleons at all times. With SimCity BuildIt Mod APK, you will get access to unlimited simoleons that you can use to draft and bring more buildings into play.


Money, or more popularly called SimCash is the premium in-game currency in SimCity. SimCash can be used to purchase more simoleons, premium and better buildings, buy missing materials, and most importantly speed up the in-game progress. The only two sources of obtaining SimCash is by completing the city achievements, the other being purchasing through real cash. Since the achievements won’t provide a good flow of SimCash, one can use SimCity BuildIt Mod APK to get unlimited Money for necessary requirements.


Golden Keys are used for buying specialization buildings like Schools, Hospitals, and many more. Keys can be obtained by fixing disasters, casting off cargo ships, and can also be redeemed with SimCash, the price is too high though. If 100 SimCash for a single key doesn’t sound like a deal to you, download SimCity BuildIt Mod APK where you’ll get unlimited keys, both golden and platinum.


SimCity is a great way to give direction to your desire to design. If you think you can design a whole city, go check yourself out in the playground and learn from everything that goes wrong. If you’re in a dilemma, get some help from your city advisor who will help you to have a better understanding of your metropolis. If you don’t want anyone’s help, download SimCity BuildIt Mod APK that will help you to get familiar faster than ever. With unlimited in-game currencies and no advertisements, this mod will restore your interest in the game. Once you get along the game well, it will be quite hard to take your hands off of our mobile and eyes off the screen. Concluding the article, it’s a great game to learn city management, designing, architecture as well as finance management.


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