Shadow of Death- Darkness RPG

Shadow of Death Mod APK by Bravestars Games (v1.69.0.4)

Shadow of Death- Darkness RPG

NameShadow of Death: Darkness RPG – Fight Now
PublisherBravestars Games
Latest Version1.69.0.4
File Size101 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Crystals
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Shadow of Death Mod APK


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Blaise Pascal once said, “In faith, there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t”. Shadows are of great importance and we realized it when Shadow Fight and Shadow Fight 2 emerged as a huge success in the gaming industry. Followed by these two giants were a bunch of other Shadow based games, some good and some bad. One such amazing game is Shadow Of Death that is already giving the Shadow Fight franchise a run for their money. With over 10 million installs on Google PlayStore alone, Shadow of Death took no time in booking a spot for itself in the Editors’ Choice list. One of my personal favorites, Shadow of death is a bundle of amazing graphics, explosive actions, and a legendary story of the lost kingdom, Aurora. Whip out that dark sword, collect some comrades, and slash the shadows today as this epic adventure awaits your presence.


A creation of Bravestar Games, Shadow of Death is a complete package of outstanding graphics and blasting action. Topping the list of RPG games, Shadow of Death is a pocket-sized action RPG that can run on your device without an internet connection. Unite against the shadow of war in the redemption to save the forgotten kingdom. Explore a robust skill tree and deep inventory system that fuels unlimited combat customization and experimentation. Shadow of Death also features a little kid in the scorching suit of armor, what other action game can top that? With high console-level graphics, Shadow of Death is taking mobile gaming to whole new heights. Choose 4 of your best knights, vibrant fighting styles, and a ton of rare armor sets to conquer the evil dark world. With easy two-finger hack and slash mechanism, it’s easy to get hold over but difficult enough to not let anyone master it quickly. When you’re not satisfied with just a few shadow monsters on your plate, take your supremacy on the next level by fighting against other shadow masters across the world in the multiplayer mode. Without further ado, let’s see where this constrained version of the game fell short of user expectations and why a modified version of the game was released to fight those limitations.

The function of Idle Heroes Mod

Despite an outstanding 4.7-star rating on the Google PlayStore, Shadow of Death got its fair share of criticism from users. The game is magnificent until you reach its saturation point after which you’re forced to buy in-app upgrades to improve your character. You will be matched with players who have spent a shitload of money on the game and twice as powerful as you, making you realize how weak you are in the world of Shadow of Death. The majority of less than 3-star reviews are flooded with similar comments, complaining about how impossible it is to progress further once you have reached a certain point in the game. To tackle all these problems, some naive developers have created a modified version of the game that unleashes the full potential of the game. The mod rewards you with unlimited in-game resources as well as plenty of other exciting benefits. Before we dive into the features of Shadow of Death Mod APK, keep a version of the Mod handy with yourself because I am sure that it will be hard to resist afterward.

Game Features


One of the primary currencies in the game, money can be used to get new characters as well as upgrade them. As you climb the ladder of progress in Shadow of Death, new and more fierce knights will be unlocked for use. The more coins you have, the more knights you can use to fight against the evil. If you’re tempted to buy more knights, here is a solution. Download Shadow of Death Mod APK where you will get unlimited money for free to help you progress faster.


Crystal is one of the premium currencies in the game and can be used to purchase special characters. Obtained only via completing achievements and from the in-game store using real money, it’s best to get Shadow of Death Mod APK where you will get unlimited crystals without spending a single penny.

All characters unlocked

The knight lineup is a never-ending one. As you advance in the game, you will unlock a ton of new warriors to help you save the kingdom. However, these characters can only be unlocked as you advance through the game. For example, a character that unlockable at level 60 can only be purchased and used after you have reached that level. To get priority access to all the in-game characters, you can download Shadow of Death Mod APK where you won’t be required to reach a given level to access that particular character.

All skins unlocked

To buy skins is to express yourself. Your weapon inventory represents your style and gives a personalized touch to your weapons. Undoubtedly, weapon skins are some of the most purchased things in the game. Though they can be bought using real money in the game, you can also get them for free with Shadow of War Mod APK. The mod gives you access to the full inventory of weapon skins that you can use to have a better gaming experience.


Shadow of Death is an excellent action game. However, it restricts you from enjoying the game to its fullest for free. There are plenty of addons that you can buy to enhance your in-game performance. With Shadow of Death Mod APK, you can enjoy most of these paid benefits for free. Since the mod comes from a reliable source, there’s no compromise on the game quality. Even though the developer team at Bravestars is putting in endless efforts to make the game better, some things can remain unnoticed. If we look at the business model from the company’s perspective, they can’t give items for free to their users since these are some of the primary sources to generate revenue. However, if you are looking for some casual fun without burning a hole in your pocket, Shadow of Death Mod APK is your way to go.


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