Racing in Car Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Money, Cars) v1.4

Racing in Car Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Money, Cars) v1.4

Racing in Car mod apk

Name Racing in Car
Publisher Fast Free Games
Genre Racing
Latest Version 1.4
File Size 39 MB
Features Coins, Cars
Platforms Android, iOS
Racing in Car logo

Racing in Car Mod APK


Are you the designated driver? Do your friends call you when they need someone reliable behind the wheels? If your answer is yes, Racing in Car is made for you. Unlike other endless car racing games, Racing in Car simulates a real car cockpit with the first-person perspective. The game is less than 40 MB in size, so it manages to run smoothly even on low-end devices. It’s rated for an audience over three years of age, so even your kids can play. Racing in Car is rocking the Google PlayStore over 50 million downloads and an outstanding rating of 4.4 stars. To know why this game is growing so popular, read the next section where we talk about the gameplay.


Your objective in the game is simple, get behind the wheel and take care of your car while you go through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Controls are easy to learn, and car movements can be controlled just by tilting your device. Overtake traffic, earn coins, buy new cars, explore different locations, and see how far you can travel. Simulator like controls will give you a more realistic experience which you can use to your advantage. Moving on to the next section, we will talk about the need for a mod for Racing in Car. Also check Skid Strom mod apk, a real-time multiplayer game with amazing gameplay.

Why is a mod required for Racing in Car?

There are a bunch of different drool-worthy cars in the game that can be bought using in-game currency or can be purchased using real money. You and me, both of us are here because we don’t want to spend real bucks in the game. Racing in Car Mod APK is a simple solution to this problem. With the mod apk, you will get unlimited money as well as access to all the locked cars. Racing in Car is a modified version of the original version. These modifications are done to the internal game files, mainly AndroidManifest.xml. We told you why a mod is needed and how it works. Now, it’s time we drop a link for you to download the mod followed by which, we will discuss the features of the mod in a detailed manner.


A majority of reviews related to Racing in Car shows how difficult it is to control your car in the game. There’s no steering which can be controlled manually, the only way to drag your vehicle is by tilting your phone. This can cause a problem if the gyroscope on your device is not an actively responsive one. All of this can limit the number of cars you can choose in the game. With the mod for Racing in Car, you get unlimited money and unrestricted access to all the cars. This will not only improve the overall gaming experience but will also reduce the game difficulty. In addition to that, an option to choose from a bunch of different cars will make the game more interesting than before.

Gameplay Video


Drive a top-class car and maneuver your way through the never-ending traffic. This game is a unique combination of street racing and first-person perspective simulation that makes the game stand out among its other contemporaries. Other features of the game include 3D realistic cockpit view, endless game mode, different locations and cars to choose from. Try Racing in Car to see how far you can go in this amazing racing game.

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