Pou Mod APK – Unlimited Coins and Max Level (v1.4.77)


Latest Version1.4.77
APK Size24 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited coins and Max level
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Pau Mod APK


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You don’t usually come across games that are popular as Pou (Mod APK). Even Paul Salameh, the publisher of the wouldn’t have imagined Pou would get this popular when he launched it in August of 2012. To give you an idea, it has over 500 million active installs on Google Play Store alone. The game is available on iOS as well. With an average rating of 4.4 on Play Store and 4.3 on the App Store, it’s arguably one of the most loved mobile games available today. If you’ve played My Talking Tom 2, you might find Pou similar to that game with the difference that Pou also has a collection of mini-games.


Pou playing football

The game starts with a hungry Pou, and you have to feed him. The story of this game is straightforward yet enticing. The central character of the game is a baby alien. You have to raise this alien until it’s grown up. During this journey, you are made to do some tasks like feeding, cleaning, playing, etc. These tasks are directly concerning Pou, and you win coins upon completion of each of these tasks. You also have a lot of mini-games inside this game which you can play to earn coins.

In your house, there are different areas, and each area has various activities associated with it. For example, from in the Hall, you can talk to Pou and take him out of the house. There is a game room where you can play with your Pou when he feels sad.

Some of the characteristics of Pou and his environment you should know:

  • Sad: When Pou is Sad, play with it by throwing the ball, or by playing some Games!
  • Bedroom: When Pou is sleepy, tap on the Lamp to turn it off! Check the Closet to change Pou’s clothes! You can buy more in the Shop!
  • Hall: Speak to the Micro, and Pou will talk back.
  • Wallpapers: You can customize each Room’s wallpaper! Check out the shop to see what you can customize in each room!
  • Friends: You can visit other Pous. Tap the small Pou icon then select Friends!
  • Kitchen: Feed Pou by dragging Food toward its mouth! Visit the Shop to buy more food that will be stored in the Fridge!
  • Food: Pou doesn’t like it when you feed it the same food over and over again. Also, be careful not to overfeed Pou. It can become fat!
  • Fat: If Pou becomes Fat, wait for it to go back to normal or exercise by playing games in the Game Room! Or use a Fat Burner Potion in the Lab!
  • Bathroom: When Pou is dirty, clean it with soap and water! You can customize them from the shop!
  • Lab: If Pou is sick, use a Health Potion! Experiment with other cool Potions from the Shop

Pou Mod APK – Why is it required?

Pou is a free game if you are an Android user, and you have to pay $2 if you are an iOS user. For iOS users, it’s quite obvious why they’d need the mod, but if you’re wondering why do you need Pou Mod apk for Android, then here’s your answer.

Pou unlimited coins

In one of the mini-games inside Pou, you get to drive a car. One terrain is unlocked, whereas the other two interesting terrains ‘Snow’ and ‘Mud’ are locked. You need to spend 99 coins for the Snow track and 1999 coins for the Mud track. When you start a new game, you start with only 200 coins. Now, to gather 1999 coins organically in the game, it would take you days, and that’s just one road terrain. There are countless similar items in the game which are locked and require a certain number of coins to unlock. The game then requires you to make in-app purchases, which cost anywhere between $0.50 to $11.25. Here are the costs listed on the app store:

  • 2,000 coins – $0.99
  • 4,800 coins – $1.99
  • 15,000 coins – $4.99
  • 48,000 coins – $11.99
  • Baby Potion – $0.99
  • Adult Potion – $0.99
  • Grey Body Color – $0.99
  • 125,000 Coins – $24.99

These, too, are not one time purchases. You have to make them every time you run out of coins. This is where Pou Mod Apk unlimited coins and max level comes into the picture. Mod apk is the answer to the question ‘How to get unlimited coins in Pou’ and the best part; you get them for free.

The 25 MB Mod apk unlocks all the features in the game, be it the road terrains or special potions for Pou. All of them, absolutely free.

Pou Tricks to Earn Free Coins

Here are Pou tips & tricks by which you can earn unlimited Pou Coins for free. Each of these Pou cheats are tested and guaranteed to work.

  • When you rub on Pou, you earn coins.
  • Go outdoors and then choose ‘Playground.’ After that throw balls in the net by sliding your them very fast, you’ll hit the goal, and every time you make a goal, you’ll be awarded a coin.
  • In ‘Playground,’ choose Drive and start driving. You can this way earn a lot of coins by just driving
  • Play games from the games menu. The more games you play, the more coins you earn.
  • Pou also has a pet dog in the game. Take Pou and his pet outdoors to extra coins.
  • You can invite your friends to play with you. For every new friend you invite, you are rewarded with coins.


Here is a list of all the features of Pou Mod Apk.


The primary and only currency in Pou is coins. Some people call them Pou money and gold. You start the game with only 200 of them, and even if you buy more, you can quickly run out given the number of purchase options the game provides. Pou modded apk gives you unlimited coins right from the beginning. You start the game with 9999 coins and never run out of them no matter how many you spend.

Unlocked Potions

Potions are needed when Pou gets sick, fat, or you want him to grow faster. There are adult and baby potions as well. Here’s a list of all the potions the game has to offer with their usage and prices.

small healthSmall HealthIncreases health by 25%6 coins
Health potionHealth PotionIncreases health by 50%10 coins
fat burnerFat BurnerCuts Extra Pou Fat20 coins
EnergizerEnergizerIncreases Energy to 100%50 coins
max potionMax PotionAll Stats 100%99 coins
hunger potionHunger PotionPou Gets Hungry199 coins
adult potionAdult PotionTurns Pou Into An Adult Instantly$1.28
baby potionBaby PotionTurns Pou Into A Baby Instantly$1.28

You get all of these potions unlocked for free when you play using Pou Mod Apk.

Unlock Body Colors

You can change Pou’s look by changing its body colors. But to do that, you need to purchase skins in the original game, But with the Pou mod apk, you get all the skins and body colors unlocked that too for free. You can now customize your baby alien Pou the way you want.

Removed Ads

The free version of Pou has ads in it. You see them when you play some of the mini-games. Although the ads are non-obtrusive, they become a distraction after a while. Pou mod apk removes all ads for you, just like you’d get in the premium version of Pou.

Pou Max Level

Without its mod apk, it’s complicated to reach the max level or Pou’s adulthood organically. It would take a lot of time as the game progresses very slowly. Pou Mod Apk unlocks the max level along with unlimited coins.


Pou is an extremely addicting game. After you start playing it, you don’t even realize how fast the time flies. You can also have your friends join it, and they can play with you. Given its size, it’s quite fascinating, the number of features this game offers. You have 10s of little games inside the game and let alone the other interactions you can do with Pou. This is one of those games that you have to play no matter you are 15 years old of 55, and when you have the power of Pou Mod Apk with unlimited money and max level, the game gets as addicting as a drug.


If you love Pou just like we do, here’s the official Pou store from which you can buy Pou merchandise for you or your loved ones.Unlimited Unlimited


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