Pokemon Quest mod apk

Pokémon Quest Mod APK – Unlimited Ingredients and PM Tickets

Pokemon Quest mod apk

NamePokémon Quest
PublisherThe Pokemon Company
Latest Version1.0.4
File Size58 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Ingredients and PM Tickets
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Pokémon Quest Mod APK


Pokémon Quest (Mod APK) is a voxel-based action-adventure game in the Pokémon series developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It is the third adventure role-playing game in the Nintendo’s Pokémon series, a successor to Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee!. The game was released on May 30th, 2018, on Nintendo Switch during a Pokémon press conference in Tokyo. The mobile version for Android and iOS was subsequently released on June 27th, 2018. Pokémon Quest (Mod APK) involves the exploration of an island while befriending and battling different Pokémons.

The game begins with the player traveling by boat to Tumblecube Island, a newly discovered island that possesses traces of an extinct civilization. This bizarre region is uninhabited by any humans, only being home to voxel-style (cube-shaped) Pokémons known as ‘Pokéxels’ that roam free. The player sails off to this Island with a drone manufactured by Silph Co. called the MoBee IV. The objective of the player is to find precious loot hidden around the island while befriending the Pokémon to aid in the journey. The player can strengthen the Pokémons by equipping special items such as Power Stones, which raise the Pokemon’s HP and ATK. The player also has to build a base camp where additional Pokemons hang out when not on an expedition. At the base camp, the player can cook different recipes through ingredients found on the island. The cooked dishes can attract new Pokémon to the base based on the ingredients used. In order to cook the best food for the Pokemons, a player can first learn the art of cooking through games like Cooking Fever (Mod APK).

The cubic, Minecraft-esque art style was appreciated throughout the Pokemon community as, within two days of its release, the game had received over one million downloads. The numbers kept increasing, and after a week being spent, the figures stood at 7.5 million downloads. Even on the Android and iOS platform, the game was a major hit among the users. Well, it looks like that the fate of Pokémon games is always on the positive side, at least in the initial few weeks and months. As of writing this article, Pokémon Quest has an average rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store, with over 5 million downloads.


Pokemon Quest gameplay

Pokémon Quest seems to be more of a mobile platform game rather than a console-based game. If you have been a dedicated fan of Pokémon or have any memories with its series or game titles, then you are going to get nostalgic with Pokémon Quest. Well, the game doesn’t have the main storyline to focus upon. It just starts on a boat where you are seen traveling to an island that goes by the name Tumblecube. It’s said that the island has signs of an ancient lost civilization, and probably that’s why the main protagonist is traveling to it the island with a drone, MoBee IV, manufactured by Silph Co.

For some reason, the device gets malfunctioned at the Island, and the whole data gets erased. To get the data back (retrieval), the player has to befriend a new Pokémon. The protagonist now has to find Pokémon, discover treasure, and then go on expeditions. At the start of the journey, you are given the freedom to befriend one Pokémon out of five, which includes Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Eevee.

The treasures won’t be easy to find, and that’s the whole point of the game as then only it would become a lot more exciting and challenging for the Pokémon fans and gamers out there. Here’s a tip: Search in the most isolated corners for the best-hidden treasures of the island. Defeat various Pokémon enemies by controlling the moves of your ones, and at last, don’t forget to upgrade the base camps to cook delicious dishes and attract fresh Pokémon.

Unlike the older titles, you don’t have to head out in the jungle to catch Pokémon with your Poké Balls. Instead, you have to arrange up basecamps with delicious food items so that the Pokémon gets attracted towards it. Well, this may sound a bit absurd or illogical, but that’s how it is! From there, you can get befriend new Pokémon and arrange them in a team of three to search out for the treasure on Tumblecube Island. Also, when you go out on expenditures, you will have to face a wave of Pokémon battles, which will even include the final boss, and after that, only you will be able to clear the respective stages. With each wild Pokemon dispatched, the player will get several ingredients for cooking as well as power stones. These power stones enhance the player-controlled pokemon’s attacking capabilities. With each fight, you will also lose energy, which gets replenished over time. The in-game economy includes PM Tickets, which are like gems in other games and are used to speed up the process of cooking food at the base and increasing the energy of Pokemons.

Pokémon Quest Mod Apk: Why is it required?

Pokémon Quest’s entire gameplay is dependent on the number of ingredients and PM tickets a player possesses. Without these two resources advancing in the game is close to impossible. These two resources are hard to gather in the game, especially PM tickets. PM tickets are one of the purchasable items through real money from the game’s shopping area. Progressing the game without enough PM tickets is a prolonged and tiresome process as it used to finish cooking right away, which would otherwise take many expeditions to complete. Many players give up on the game because of the fewer number of PM tickets offered from within the gameplay. The game journey can be a lot hard, and to make things smoother and more comfortable for you, we have got the Pokémon Quest mod apk.

The mod version will provide you unlimited everything right from free shopping to unlimited PM tickets. Yes, you read it right, unlimited PM tickets also! You are free to unlock pots, power stones, sockets, bingo bonuses, etc. right from the start of the game. Pokémon Quest mod apk also features a god mode through which players can enable one-hit-destroy mode. The God mode comes handy when the player has a weaker Pokemon against a stronger in the expedition. Using the mod version of the game, you will be able to attain the top position in Pokémon Quest, and the issues that most of the new players would be encountering won’t be much of a problem for you as you would have got unlimited ingredients and PM tickets with it.



Ingredients play a significant role in deciding upon what dish will be cooked out of the 18 unique recipes. When you cook up some food, Pokemon that like that kind of food will come to visit your camp. Having an unlimited number of ingredients makes it easy to try different combinations of dishes to attract the most potent Pokémons. With Pokémon Quest mod apk, the players get unlimited ingredients at their disposal as soon as the game is installed on their device.

PM Tickets

PM Tickets is one of the main game currency that can be used to purchase box expansions, decorations, recharging energy for expeditions, etc. PM Tickets also help in finishing the cooking process of the dishes every quickly. By default, every dish takes time equivalent to the time it takes to go on an expedition on the island. With unlimited PM tickets, a player can finish the cooking in no time. The chances of completing the levels fast would increase by a lot, and in no time, you would be the ultimate champion defeating bosses one by one!

Free Shopping

Pokémon Quest has its own Poke Mart or in other words, the in-game store through which you can purchase decorations, box expansions, and DLC Packs. Each of these things plays a significant role in the game. If you have ever played any Pokémon game before, then you would be quite familiar with the idea of Poké Mart. Just think for a moment, what if you could shop anything without worrying about the cost aspect? We know it would be quite surprising, and that’s why we have added the free shopping feature in our Pokémon Quest mod apk.


Energy is another significant element of the game that you can’t ignore! If you don’t have the required amount of energy, then you won’t be able to go on expeditions, and if you don’t go on excursions, then you won’t be able to train Pokémon and attract new ones. In short, it’s a cycle that must be followed systematically; otherwise, you will not be able to clear your levels in the game. Having unlimited energy would ensure that the channel is supported.


Pokémon Quest is one of a kind game that has been quite different from its predecessors. It’s a great addition to the Pokémon series if you are interested in getting nostalgic and relieving your good old days of Pokémon, now that could be via the television series or the old-style games. The Pokémon Quest mod apk will smoothen your game journey, and the pressure of completing the 12 levels would be gone instantly!Unlimited Unlimited


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