Plague Inc mod apk

Plague Inc. Mod APK – Unlocked with Unlimited DNA

Plague Inc mod apk

NamePlague Inc.
PublisherMiniclip and NDEMIC
Latest Version1.16.3
File Size52.3 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited DNA and Unlocked
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Plague Inc Mod APK


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Are you ready to infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of real-time strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. The game has already received over half a billion hits on Play Store alone and has been featured in The Economist, New York Post, The Guardian, Boston Herald, and London Metro. Made by NDEMIC creations, a UK-based independent games studio and published by Miniclip the game was released way back in 2012. The developer of Plague Inc. was also invited at the CDC in Atlanta to address “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” about the disease models in the game. The game revolves around creating, spreading, and evolving a pathogen to destroy the world with a deadly plague. With an oddly unique concept, Plague Inc. has bagged several awards including Editor’s Choice from Google Play. No game has made to its standards.


Plague Inc. is a strategy simulation game where the player indirectly controls a plague. The player has to select a country to start infecting people. A strategy is everything in the game. Start with a developing country as they are more accessible for the disease to spread and grow. As you infect people, you are rewarded with DNA points. DNA points are critical in the game. They are used to evolve your disease and make it resilient. As you spread your disease, governments will notice and try to do everything possible to slow down the effects and destroy it. Researchers from around the world will try to find a cure, and your job is to evolve the disease making it resistant to any cure. You can evolve your plague’s abilities such as genetic hardening and drug resistance to slow down the cure. Try to make the disease as infectious, server, and lethal as possible. You win when there is no one left on the planet.

Plague Inc Mod APK – Why is it required?

“Well, this game is terrible now. I played this game a long time ago, and I enjoyed it but now… now be ready to “pay-to-play” this “free-to-play” game. It seems like every button you press cost a dollar! Oh, you want to add cool genes to your genetic code, that’ll be a dollar. Oh, you beat the game and want to play the hardest difficulty, that’ll be a dollar, but the worst part is you CAN NOT fast forward! You have to play in real-time so if you’re somewhere waiting and decide to play to pass the time well too bad! You won’t finish your game because you have to sit there watching one person gets infected every 10 seconds or more until the ENTIRE world population is infected. So, of course, you go to press fast forward but wait! That’ll be a dollar. I could have let everything else slide if I could’ve just fast-forwarded LIKE I USE TO DO BEFORE THE DEVELOPERS DECIDED TO SCREW ALL THE PLAYERS!”

A user wrote this pretty long review on Play Store who certainly looks disappointed with the last update. If you carefully look at the review, you will get to know why most of the users have been raging over the latest update. The most recent update, which was released on February 21 this year has been forcing its users to pay for everything that’s not a part of the core gameplay. Everything in the game is controlled using DNA points, whether it is the transmission, symptoms, or abilities of the disease. DNA points help to increase infectivity, severity, and lethality of the plague. If you don’t have enough DNA points it because close to impossible to spread and evolve the disease.

Plague Inc unlimited dna

Also, in the beginning, most of the in-game packs that include gene types, plague types, and mega brutal game difficulty is locked. To be able to unlock everything and get unlimited DNA points and upgrade it is strongly recommended to download and install Plague Inc mod APK. Plague Inc. mod APK is the full premium version of the game which enables fast forward in-game and unlocks available genetic codes. If you’re longing to know more about its features, drop down to the next topic where we discuss some of the most prominent features of the mod.


Plangue Inc. mod APK provides everything that makes it easy for new and existing players to be able to play the game without shelling out a lot of money. Here are the details on what the mod has to offer.


A player needs DNA points to evolve the disease and make it stronger. DNA points increase as you infect and kill people across the world. DNA points are spent to evolve new vectors to infect people, customize the strengths of your disease, and to change the symptoms the disease causes in people. DNA points increase as the number of infected people increases, and also when the plague spreads across countries. Since the gameplay went south with the last update, you may need a helping hand in evolving your disease. With Plague Inc Mod APK, you will get unlimited DNA that will help your infestation spread faster than before.

All plague types unlocked

The game offers seven different plague types which include Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-virus, and Bio-weapons. These plagues are locked until you win the game with the previous disease type on ‘Normal’ or ‘Brutal’ difficulty. Plague Inc. Mod APK has all these plague types unlocked from the very beginning, and any kind can be selected without having to unlock the previous one.

Quick Infection Spread

The ability to spread infections fast is a feature that players around the globe have been requesting the developers to include for years now. When a new disease is set with ‘Patient Zero’ it takes a lot of time(depends on plague type) for it to affect a considerable population. With the recent Mutation 16 update, the developers included this feature, but it is only available to players who opted for the premium version of the game. Plague Inc. offers all the features of the full version for free, including the ability to spread infection fast.


Plague Inc. includes seven cheats in the form of strains, namely Immune, hidden, unlimited, turbo, shuffle, lucky dip, and double strain. These cheats will cause the plague to spread faster and further without any effect of government control over them. Some cheats offer unlimited DNA, while others cause an evolution mix up. All these cheats are unlocked in the mod version of Plague Inc.

Premium Version

Plague Inc. Premium is the full version of the game which can be unlocked for less than a dollar. Upgrade to the premium version if you want the actual Plague Inc. experience. It offers all standard plague types unlocked, all scenarios and expansion plague unlocked. Along with that, you get to enable fast forward, modify genetic code to customize your disease, unlock Mega Brutal difficulty, and remove all adverts. In short, the Plague Inc. premium is an advanced version of the game which comes without any mod features but unlocks everything needed to play freely.

Plague Inc: Scenario Creator

Plague Inc: Scenario creator is not a game; it’s a scenario creator where you can create custom scenarios for Plague Inc. Develop new plagues, worlds, events, and then share it with your friends and a community of over 85 million players. Get your hands on five different labs and unleash your creativity as you go on a mission to destroy the world.

Note: To use Plague Inc: Scenario Creator premium APK without mod, you need Plague Inc on your device.

Gameplay Video


The gameplay is infectious and motivates you to learn more about how deadly diseases spread and kill people around the globe. This helps us to understand the biological threats that may arise in the near future and how to evade them strategically. Charge your phone, get some snacks and get going because Plague Inc mod apk is something that you can’t deviate your attention from.Unlimited Unlimited


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