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Operate Now: Hospital Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Golden Hearts

Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk

NameOperate Now: Hospital
PublisherSpil Games
Latest Version1.36.0
APK Size53 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Golden Hearts
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Operate Now Hospital Mod APK


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Operate Now (Mod Apk): Hospital is an Andriod and iOS game developed and marketed by Spil Games. It is available in 9 languages, including Deutch, French, and Espanol, and has over 30 million active installs across platforms. The concept of the game is quite unique. It’s a simulation game and you as a player are responsible to run the operations of a hospital. This includes but is not limited to carrying out surgeries.


Operate Now: Hospital is a storyline-based game wherein you operate in the medical sector. You are made in charge of a hospital, and your job is to look after everything ranging from recruiting doctors to carrying out surgeries. The concept is similar to My Cafe, but the only difference is that when you play My Cafe, you manage a cafe, and here you have to look after a hospital. Here’s a list of things you have to do in Operate Now: Hospital:

  • Carry out surgeries – This is probably the most exciting part of the game. You get to do operations of lungs, abdomen, liver, etc.
  • Recruit your team – As the owner of your hospital, you have to recruit doctors, nursing staff, assistants, and all the other required staff for your hospital.
  • Customize your hospital: You have to manage and customize your hospital by offering different facilities, assigning budgets, allocating staff to various departments and activities. Interact with your patients and offer them the best services possible.
  • Play Storylines – In Operate Now: Hospital, you are presented with different storylines. These storylines develop as you make decisions. For example, the stories after a successful and unsuccessful operation are entirely different.
  • Build Your Dream Hospital – Want a trauma center? Or an ICU unit? Build an entire hospital from scratch just the way you imagined it. The possibilities are unlimited.

When you start the game, you are greeted by Amy, a character in the game. Amy guides you to perform a 2-minute long surgery. In this surgery, you stitch the ripped open abdomen of one of the workers working on your hospital construction. Sounds interesting, right?

Operate Now Hospital Mod APK – Why is it required?

unlimited money and golden hearts being used to unlock staff and departments

You can download Operate Now Hospital for free and start playing it right away, but in the free version of the game, most of the exciting items like staff, departments, and instruments are locked. The game has three currencies- Cash or Money, Reputation, and Golden Hearts. With every objective you complete, you are awarded a certain number of each of these Operate Now currencies. The only twist is that when you go out to buy new equipment & machines or recruit new staff or even customize your hospital, you need to spend these currencies on those items.

To put it into perspective, the construction of the break room costs 12,500 game money. You have minimal game money when you start, and you quickly run out of it, and when you do, the game asks you to make in-game purchases, which cost anywhere between $1 to $57. If you do not make these purchases, your progress slows down incredibly.

Operate Now Mod Apk saves you from this by providing you with unlimited money, golden hearts, and reputation. Operate now hospital mod apk unlocks all the game features for free. You can speed up construction times, recruit more staff, or level up quickly. You don’t need any cheats or hacks. Just an apk file, and you are right.

Note: Along with the apk file, you need to download the special .OBB file as well to have the app working. Unzip or extract the downloaded OBB files in /sdcard/Android/obb/ folder.


Here is a list of elements of the Operate Now Hospital Mod Apk.


The primary currency in Operate Now is called ‘Money or cash’’. It is used to build new departments, upgrade existing departments, buy supplies, recruit new staff members, and buying new equipment. The organic way to get more cash is by completing missions and carrying out surgeries. Operate Now hospital mod apk unlocks unlimited money so that you can make as many purchases as you’d like.

Golden Hearts

Golden Hearts are primarily used to speed up time. What it means is that just like every simulation game, Operate now also puts timers on new constructions and many features. Golden Hearts can be used to skip the time. Here are some of the other things you can buy using Golden Hearts. 1) More Cash, 2) Unlock Premium Staff Members & sophisticated surgeons, 3) Skip building and upgrade times, 4) Premium hospital supplies, 5) Unlock new departments. With Operate Now Mod Apk, you get unlimited Golden Hearts for free.

Unlocked Reputation

Just like in real life, in Operate Now also, you earn Reputation by completing surgeries, objectives, and assignments. Reputation is linked to your player rank. The more Reputation you have, the higher you rank. When your rank goes up, you can unlock new departments in your hospital, and you also earn Golden Hearts and other items. Usually, it would take months for you to earn enough reputation and complete the game. But with Operate Now Mod Apk, you start the game with unlimited Reputation.

Everything Unlocked

The items in the game are unlocked as it progresses, but wouldn’t it be great if you had everything unlocked right from the beginning of the game? Get unlimited everything and all the resources unlocked with Operate Now Mod Apk file.


Operate now Hospital has a unique storyline. The characters are interesting, and you’ll get hooked to conversations with Amy and Sirona (she’s the mean character in the game). But the only problem is with the free version of the game, either you’ll end up spending a lot of time waiting or have to pay loads of money on making purchases. Here’s an Operate Now Hospital Tip, use the Operate Now Mod apk because it saves your time and money by unlocking everything for free, and you can play it offline.

Download the files using the button above, but if for some reason, your download doesn’t work, please let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll update the files for you.Unlimited Unlimited


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