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My Story Mod APK – Unlimited Diamonds and Tickets

My Story Mod Apk

NameMy Story: Choose Your Own Path
GenreSocial and Simulation
Latest Version5.8
APK Size100 MB
Mod Feature(s)Unlimited Diamonds and Tickets
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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My Story Mod APK


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My Story: Choose Your Own Path (Mod APK) is a free virtual world and role-playing game. It was launched by Nanobit and currently has over 5 million installs on Google Play Store. My Story is ranked #47 in its category on the App Store. Just like every other Virtual World simulation game, in My Story also, you have to make decisions for your character.

The game shares common traits with other simulation games like Episode: Choose Your Story and IMVU (Mod APK). When you start My Story, you have to choose what you want to play. You have these choices:

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Comedy

These are pretty self-explanatory. After you select your storyline, you have to customize your character. The name of your character in the first Chapter is Mona, and you’ll find her interacting with Mark, who, depending on your choices, becomes her boyfriend. You have to help Mona make better choices. Make your choices carefully because choices affect the outcome of your story and your relationship with other characters. Special choices will take the story in an exciting new direction. These special choices are paid. You have to spend diamonds on these.


My Story gameplay is simple. You have to follow a storyline and make decisions for your character. Here’s one of the examples of the decisions you have to make in the game. Your boyfriend asks you why you are upset. You have two choices to answer from 1. Tell him that you were cheating. 2. Hide and say nothing. These decisions shape your storyline, and your decisions primarily determine four things.

  1. Who are your friends
  2. How popular you are
  3. Who becomes your boyfriend
  4. Who is your nemesis?

Apart from these decisions your game revolves are around you:

  • Trying to getting a boyfriend
  • Going through several incidents/fights while you try to get that person
  • Once you get the boyfriend, keep him with you
  • Get married and make children with your boyfriend.

The game has some really interesting characters like Mrs. Mae, Dr. Cooper, Blair, and Rocky. Blair is your best friend in the first chapter. Subsequent chapters are unlocked when you have sufficient tickets (depends on each chapter) with you.

My Story Choose Your Own Path Mod APK – Why is it required?

My story unlimited tickets and diamonds

My Story lets you customize a lot of things. You can choose your character’s outfits, her looks and even decide what she eats. All of these consumables come at the cost of diamonds. The game also offers you premium choices. The game is free to play, but premium choices and best customizations cost you diamonds. You can only earn up to 8 diamonds a day for free, but to make a simple premium choice, you need to spend 25 diamonds.

You can’t do that by using only free gems available to you. The game forces you to make in-app purchases. Apart from diamonds, My Story also has special tickets. Tickets unlock special stories. These tickets are available to premium users only and cost a ton of money. Here’s a table showing the cost of different My Story Choose Your Path items as on 23/10/2019.

Extra Small Tickets Package$0.99
Extra Small Tickets Package$1.99
Medium Tickets Package$4.99
Large Tickets Package$9.99
Small Diamonds Package$4.99
Medium Diamonds Package$9.99
Large Diamonds Package$19.99
Extra Large Diamonds Package$39.99
Extra Large Tickets Package$49.99

Now, you can imagine the amount of money and time you’d end up spending if you played it organically. This is where my story choose your own path APK mod unlimited money comes into the picture. You get unlimited free tickets and diamonds without spending a single dime.


If you are looking for My Story Choose cheats, then My Story Mod mod apk is what you want. Here’s a list of all the features you get with My Story Mod APK.


Diamonds are the only currency in My Story. Diamonds are limited in the game, and you need them to buy special choices and accessories like clothes. These choices and accessories can cost you between 10 to 25 diamonds. When you use My Story Mod Apk, you get unlimited diamonds or gems for free right from the beginning of the game. This is the best way to get diamonds faster & easier.


You need tickets to unlock more stories. The developers of the game offer a subscription service wherein you are awarded more tickets every day. My Story Choose Your Path Mod Apk gives you unlimited tickets for free.

All items unlocked

Get all clothes, choices, and every other game resource unlocked for free with premium my story apk. Now you can woo your boyfriend, and you don’t even have to spend any money on it.

Free My Story VIP Pass

Get free VIP pass with my story mod apk. VIP Pass increases the rate at which you organically get more diamonds. If an activity gives you five diamonds without the pass, then using My Story VIP pass, you can make over 10 or 15 gems from the same story. Use these passes wisely and speed up your game.


If you like Virtual World games, then you ought to try My Story. The game is simple, but it’ll keep you hooked. Unlike some of the popular titles in this genre, the choices you have are limited in this game, but they are interesting enough. Give this game a shot and save your money and time by using the latest My Story mod APK.

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