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Minion Rush Mod APK – Unlimited Tokens and Bananas

Minion Rush mod apk

NameMinion Rush: Despicable Me
PublisherGameloft SE
GenreAction & Adventure
Latest Version6.8.1n
File Size75 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Tokens and Bananas
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Minion Rush Mod APK


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Minion Rush (Mod APK) is an endless runner video game based on the movie series Despicable Me. The game has been developed and published by Gameloft and was released for Android and iOS on June 10, 2013. The primary theme of the game is Gru’s loyal, mischievous and pill-shaped Minions who are trying to become the employee of the year. To win this coveted title they have to collect bananas while continuously moving forward through a procedurally generated track. While on the track the player-controlled Minion has to jump, roll, dodge through incoming obstacles and scramble against other Minions and villains.

The overall objective of the player is to compete against yourself or your Facebook friends to get the highest Despicable Score possible. In order to do that you must drive your multiplier higher and higher. A Despicable Score multiplier is a way to quantify the despicableness of the minion in the game. Higher multipliers are gained by doing bad deeds such as smashing other minions, pushing them off the track and destroying objects using power-ups. To get powerful power-up you should try to collect as many bananas as possible. Banans is one of two currencies in the game, the other one being Tokens.

The graphics in Despicable Me: Minion Rush are detailed with popping colors and have the same great look as the movie. The backgrounds are intricate and have been drawn from the movie. The Minions are very well-realized with a lot of unique animations, moves, and sound effects. The controls are responsive, non-intrusive and single touch making the learning curve of the game quite linear. All the 3D artwork done by Gameloft is hard to believe as the Minions seem like they jumped straight off the movie screen and onto Android devices.

Minion Rush is a retread of the popular endless runner franchises such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Despite the app store being littered with hundreds of endless runners Minion Rush: Despicable Me (Mod APK) managed to get over 100 million downloads. The unique selling point of the game in this overcrowded genre has been the adorable and funny critters itself with a blend of twists and turns done by Gameloft.


In Minion Rush: Despicable Me, the player controls one among the many Minions like fun-loving Dave, free-hearted Carl, good & reliable Jerry, and casual Mel. The player can swipe in four directions causing the Minion to move to the adjacent track, jump or slide under an obstacle. The game uses the familiar three-lane system where obstacles of different shape and size appear. The player must avoid oncoming obstacles while collecting as many bananas as possibles. Bananas are an endless currency of bananas and are used to upgrade the minion and buy power-ups. Another important collectible currency in the game is a token which appears for a maximum of five times a day. A token has various uses in the game the most important being the ability to revive the player.

The gameplay begins with a short tutorial where Marlena, Gru and Dru’s mother, is seen training the Minion through a short track. She advises you to aim for 3 stars on every run to get the best rewards which include bananas, coins, power-ups, costume cards, and tokens.

Missions vary per level and include objectives such as Run 600 Meters or Jump over obstacles 10 times. Added features such as new minions and outfits can be unlocked through successful missions and purchased with collected bananas. The aim of the game is to complete each mission to progress through the levels.

You play as one of the minions, running through their secret laboratory. You must swipe left or right to dodge obstacles, and swipe up to jump and down to roll. The running track mostly has three lanes which you can switch between. As you are running you can collect bananas which can be used to upgrade the minion and buy power ups (see In App purchasing for more detail). In this game there are three ways to increase your score, first is to run as far as possible, the second is to collect as many bananas as possible and the third is to be despicable. Being despicable involves destroying as many things as you can and knocking other minions out of your way.

Collect bananas as you jump, roll, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions! Run as Carl, Jerry and Dave, get awesome costumes, play exciting mini-games and explore locations inspired by the Despicable Me movies!

The gameplay is, like all endless runners, simple and pretty easy to master. You run on a three-lane production belt and can swipe left or right to switch lanes or up or down to jump or duck-and-roll.

In the game you use super sneaky minion tricks and strategies to defeat challenging villains. Each victory gets you that much closer to earn the esteemed title of Minion of the Year, earned by impressing your former super-villain boss, Gru. Minions will also run through iconic Despicable Me movie scenes. Using left and right swiping on your screen, your minion will dodge, duck and jump over obstacles to collect an endless currency of bananas (a minion delicacy), and a rare assortment of tokens along the way that give you power-ups for improving your distance and unlocking new costumes to dress up your adorably dorky minion.

You play as one of the cute little minion characters from the movie, trying to become employee of the year by, I guess, running very far? It’s not clear what the purpose of the run is, apart from wreaking havoc, but I doubt anyone is playing this for the story.

These lemon-yellow, pill-shaped critters are devoted servants of Gru, the series’ main bad guy. Gru may be a villain, but he’s not a heartless boss. Each of his innumerable minions has a chance to win the coveted title of Employee of the Month. All they have to do is race for it. The minion that you control in the game is likewise eager to prove himself to his superior.

Pint-sized with a mischievous sense of humour, possessed of a limited but expressive vocabulary, and often in the company of an adorable little totter, they were essentially caricatures of the kids that made up the bulk of the film’s audience.

Minion Rush Mod APK – Why is it required?

Minion Rush, like other free perpetual runners, does look for ways to encourage people to pay for upgrades. If your reflexes aren’t razor-edge sharp, you will fail frequently, which then triggers the app to suggest you spend real money on upgrades. Select this app for devoted fans of the film and kids who love the challenge of the next fun endless runner.

Game is a complete waste of time. Full of cheats and constantly trying to sell you upgrades. Just another euro trash company ripping off America.

The game pushes players to purchase boosts via in-app purchase. In-game currency can be earned as you run, but it’s much easier and faster to spend real cash. The game also contains ads. The app acts as a promotional vehicle for the film — and its assorted merchandising tie-ins.

In-app purchases are the main priority in this game
In order to use all the features in the game and to progress you will need to spend money on this game, and quite a bit of it. My daughter plays this and My Little Pony from Gameloft and the in-app purchases are ridiculously expensive, and necessary, if you don’t want to spend months and months only to make very little progress. And based on my experience with the Gameloft’s customer service, they don’t seem to care about their customers or fixing glitches in their games. Avoid this game, and any other’s from Gameloft, unless you like having your kids asking you to spend lots of money on “free” games. Thankfully, I had in-app purchases turned off as you can spend hundreds of dollars in a couple of clicks.

This is a fun game where a minion runs on and on collecting bananas. You can unlock many worlds to run in, or costumes and abilities for your minion. It’s really fun, my kid loves it. My problem is that the game is really miserly with tokens, the premium currency. And they want you to buy tokens with real cash, which is easy enough to turn off. But then even with my web browser off and in-app purchases off, I still can’t stop it from allowing my son to earn tokens by watching commercials. That’s just disturbing.



You can skip any mission using tokens, but it will use anywhere from six to ten days’ worth of them to do so. This basically means that unless you’re willing to spend real money on tokens, you’re going to have to harass your friends if you want to raise your multiplier much past the first couple of levels.

The main thing you need tokens for is to continue when you die, which seems like a bit of a cheat in a game of this kind anyway.

Unlocked Costumes

You can also unlock extra costumes, which act more like new characters, each offering some type of special ability. Some of them can be bought with bananas, but most of them require – you guessed it – an insane amount of tokens.

unlimited Costume cards

every costume has a unique ability


Gameloft’s Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Free) is another licensed runner. This is a genre that has become so overcrowded that even the licensed games are having to find ways to mix things up, at least a little bit. Minion Rush does try a few things to keep the game fresh, but ultimately it leans pretty heavily on its license and just doing things generally well enough to prop it up.

It’s a shame the game is so stingy with its second currency and so pervasive with trying to get you to bug your friends. It’s the main wet blanket on the game, and it seems people in our forums agree. The genre’s been done to death, but if you’re up for yet another runner, this one is quite enjoyable, pretty funny, and free to boot.Unlimited Unlimited


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