Mini Militia wall hack

Mini Militia Wall Hack: Fly through Walls APK (October Update)

Mini Militia wall hack

NameMini Militia
Latest Version4.3.3 (October)
File Size54 MB
FeaturesWallhack, Ammo
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Mini Militia Wall Hack APK


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India is a rising hub of E-Sports. It’s a country where streamers and professional esports players are finally seeing their future in some light. Mortal, a youtube streamer who started from Mini Militia has now over 3 million subscribers. Kinganbru who started his youtube career with putting Mini Militia gameplay on his channel is now past 600K subscribers. Several other players began their mobile gaming career from Mini Militia. It is one of the most popular action games where you can enjoy all the action over a LAN network with your friends. The game is already past 100 million downloads and is still one of the best ways to kill our time.

Today, we are going to talk about one of the most infamous yet widely used Mini Militia Wall Hack. Yeah, the one that lets you walk through walls like a freaking ghost. The one that makes you invisible and equips your player with unlimited health and ammo. Without breaking any more bubbles for you, let’s jump into the next section and see what a wallhack does.

What Wall Hack does?

Mini Militia Wall Hack is a modified version of the official game and is based on the principles of modding. The game is modified by making necessary changes to the core game files that mainly includes AndroidManifest.xml. Once all the required changes are made to the records(XML files), they are compressed and shared in the form of Mini Militia Wall Hack APK. This hack also includes features such as invisibility which makes players disappear, lets you pick up double guns and provides unlimited health. Any pair of weapons, whether it is Uzi, Shotgun, Sniper, or even Rocket Launchers, can be wielded in pairs. The mere idea of thinking about equipping two rocket launchers in your hand gives spine-chilling vibes, doesn’t it? In the next section, we will discuss how the wallhack actually achieves its objectives.

How does Wall Hack work?

Most of the Mini Militia hacks are working wonders while users continue to amuse over how it is done. Finally, we are out to tell you the secret. There is a file called which resides in the core of the game. While it is impossible to access the file directly through your phone, some developers were kind enough to access this file with unzipping tools like WinRAR. Files like are binary files that store values of dynamic in-game resources like health, jetpack (nitro), and ammo. Once the binary data is converted into readable source code, in-games values can be easily altered. The mentioned file contains most of the details related to the gaming operation. If the changes are done in the right manner, once can hack the game by himself.

Flying through walls while shooting

It is to be noted that only players with wallhack can fly through the walls. Bullets from other players will look as if they are penetrating the walls, but they are not. You won’t lose any health on being hit by bullets from either player with or without this hack.

Moving to the next section, we will talk about some of the most exciting features of the wallhack in detail.

Steps to Download and Install Mini Militia Wall Hack

Downloading and Installing the Wall Hack is a simple 7 step process, given your device fills all the installation requirements as mentioned on Play Store.

  1. Uninstall official Mini Militia app or any other modded version.
  2. Download and install Mini Militia Wall Hack from the link given above.
  3. Begin the installation process by clicking on the apk file.
  4. Enable installation from unknown sources.
  5. Wait for approximately 2 minutes.
  6. Open the application.
  7. Grant required permissions.

Once the installation wizard is over, you can open the app, and the below-mentioned list of features will be available in the game.


Based on the definition of Wallhack, the following properties have been included in Mini Militia wallhack.

Fly through walls

Now, you’re no less than a ghost who can walk through walls and chase his/her enemies to death. With this feature, you will be able to to move through walls, building, and other objects in the game. This feature will add more to fun to your game as you top the kill feed every time.


Most of the kids from the 90s know how popular was Mr.India, want to turn into one? With our Mini Militia Wall Hack, your will character will become invisible, and other players won’t be able to see your character. So, the next time an enemy is hiding out, surprise them from the front instead of the back.

Double Gun

Along with all the features mentioned above, you will now also be able to pick two guns simultaneously. Two magnums can blow destructive damage, imagine two AKMs, Bazookas, or snipers being carried together, it’s a horror story for your enemies altogether.


No matter how many bullets hit you, you won’t be dead because you’re Ashwatthama. Jokes apart, unlimited health feature will restrict your player from dealing any damage from enemy’s shots.


Hate it when you have to die just because you run out of bullet and there’s no other option than to die and respawn. Well, we’ve got you covered with the unlimited ammo feature which will equip your gun with infinite ammo.

Gameplay Video


Mini Militia isn’t just a game; it’s a cumulative collection of gaming, emotions, and togetherness. It is one of the very few games that brought together every group of friends to sit and enjoy the game. Eight years have gone, and the game still holds its legacy. It is and forever will be one of the best action games. The kind of action, gameplay, and weapons it combines inside the package is unmatchable. Using Mini Militia Wall Hack may sound unfair for some, but it’s fair to the limits where it is used for fun. We do not support any unfair use of the same. Enjoy the action.Unlimited Unlimited


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