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Megapolis Mod APK v5.31 by Social Quantum Ltd – (Unlimited Coins)

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NameMegapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy
PublisherSocial Quantum Ltd
Latest Version1.9.0
File Size55 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Megabucks, Wage Fund
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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The skyline in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” is made up: no, you don’t get the Waldorf, Chrysler and the Empire State Building and a dozen other magnificent structures in one window. But you what’s not made up? Megapolis, a game so innovative that it lets you put all these buildings under one skyline. Rolling high on the Google PlayStore with over 50 million downloads and Editors’ Choice tag, this game is a must-try for everyone who even remotely loves skylines or even skyscrapers. Made by Social Quantum Limited, Megapolis got an outstanding score of 4.5 stars on user reviews by nearly 15 million players worldwide. Followed in the next section is a crisp description of Megapolis is all about and how one can get unlimited benefits without spending a single penny.


Megapolis is a raw simulator for satisfying all your skyscraper fantasy. It is a simulation game based on building a long-standing city, a metropolis city that is well stuffed with sky-touching buildings and stunning monuments. Your city is constantly growing! Create everything from transport hubs to ring roads, railway stations to an extensive underground network. Create everything in your metropolis that keeps it running smoothly. Construct well-designed roads to minimize city traffic, office buildings to keep the taxes in place and your city growing. Develop every aspect of your city including industrial, financial, mobility, resources, and many more. Compete in real-time estate contests and climb up in the rankings in the weekly contest to earn exciting rewards. Once you’ve made enough progress, become a top state to get a unique state emblem and perks to further give your city a whole new face.

Megapolis Mod APK – Why is it required?

Megapolis is more than just putting a few buildings here and there, designing a whole metropolis takes a lot of effort, dedication, and hard work. Although the game pretty much automates everything from building a skyscraper to starting an income tax office, it somehow restricts you from unleashing its full potential. Mastering Megapolis requires a lot of time, strategy, dedication, and a lot more than everyone’s capability. For people who are failing in the game like me and need a helping hand, Megapolis is the genie to your success. Providing unlimited in-game aid and comparatively more stable gaming performance, there are no reasons why one should restrict themselves to just the original version. For the curious ones out there, Megapolis Mod APK is a modified version of the game that’s made on the original game and gains major modifications via rewriting core game files like AndroidManifest.xml. Diving back to the topic, you can download the mod by heading to the link given above.

Features of Megapolis


Coins are the prime operating currency and can be found easily in the game. These varieties of way include building new infrastructure, production buildings, opting in for contracts, assisting your neighbors, and by completing quests and achievements. Coins are the primary source to purchase the majority of buildings from the store and thus become an important aspect of the game. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have enough coins at all times. That’s where Megapolis Mod APK comes into play and saves a lot of users by providing them with unlimited coins for free. Yes, all mod users score a never-ending supply of unlimited coins.


Most of the buildings can be purchased using coins accept a few that can only be purchased with megabucks, a premium currency in Megapolis. These exclusive megabucks can be acquired through increasing the XP level and winning contests held by SQ. Another way to acquire megabucks is by purchasing them using real-world currency and by redeeming them for your Facebook credits. For such a complicated system, you can unwind the dynamics by using Megapolis Mod APk where you get unlimited Megabucks for free.

Wage Fund

City Hall, the core infrastructure building of your city requires people to collecting coins automatically at the cost of wages. Although this is an automated process with a frequency of 1 second when the game client is open, it stops once you close the game. To keep the flow of incoming collections steady, you can hire people for collecting coins timely by paying them wages. These wages are given from your wage fund and can only be purchased through Megabucks. Along with unlimited Megabucks, Megapolis Mod APk also gives you an unlimited wage fund for paying your workers.


Megapolis is a well-balanced game that combines different elements from science, infrastructure, industries, research, and much more. Nurture the city with well-designed architecture and make the city your source of pride. Play as the best builder and climb up the ladder of success to become one of the best tycoons the world has ever seen. Megapolis Mod APK is a great alternative to try new and creative things out and check if they perform well on your expectations. Keep your happy citizens happier and your concrete version of paradise growing.

Unlimited Unlimited


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Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for Megapolis Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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