Kick the buddy mod apk

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK – Unlimited Gold and Diamonds

Kick the buddy mod apk

NameKick the Buddy: Forever
Latest Version1.4.1
APK Size107 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Diamonds and Unlocked Weapons
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Kick the Buddy: Forever Mod APK


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Kick the Buddy Forever (Mod APK) is the follow-up to Playgendary’s previous title, “Kick The Buddy.” Marketed as a stress-relieving game, it allows players to beat a puppet-like figure (ragdoll) using a range of different weapons. As players inflict abuse upon the ragdoll figure, it appears flopping around in an enclosed area, responding in short quips.

According to Playgendary, the game is especially helpful if you’re frustrated or angry about something. Instead of breaking down things and brawling with someone, the game serves as a medium to direct all that anger on a lifeless object. The game is a clever reversal of the digital pet simulation games (e.g., My Talking Tom), where the player has to feed, play with and educate a virtual pet.

Talking about the improvements to game from its predecessor, the buddy looks more modern as its hands and legs are no longer attached using a rope. Better graphics, new weapons, and backgrounds make it quite a lot better than other games in this series. Kick the Buddy Forever has played by over 5 million people every month and has 50 million total installs on Google’s Play Store. It’s also in the top 50 action games available on iOS, which is a big feat.

Although the app is rated for users 12 years or old, some parents have expressed concerns about the encouraged violence and graphic nature of the game. According to our review, this app is not appropriate for kids of any age as it fuels the feeling of animosity even if it is a doll. Parental consent should be required before anyone below 16 gets to use this app.


Just like its predecessor, Kick the buddy forever is also a stress-busting and anger management game. However, it can get super ugly with this new buddy. The story of the game is surprisingly simple. A puppet is delivered to you in a box, and you have to inflict abuse upon him. To beat the buddy, players get a range of different weapons including but not limited to atomic bombs, rockets, kaboom grenades, automatic rifles, tank stars, AK 47, and a lot more. As you explode, destroy, freeze, fire, smash and shoot, the buddy the game rewards you with coins and diamonds. These two in-game currencies are then used to purchase and unlock weapons. Initially, all the weapons are locked, and as you collect coins, diamonds, and buddy cards, new weapons are unlocked.

For those people who would want the game to look more gruesome and real, they can add a paid ‘Blood Effect’ and ‘VIP membership’ using the Extras menu. When you use this add-on, you see a realistic blood effect upon every hit.

You get a buddy card. The buddy card is a puzzle. You are presented with eight different cards. These are all locked, and you are required to select one of them, which then rewards you with a specific item. These are all the possible items you can get from a card:

Buddy Cards in Kick the Buddy

During the game, some special characters also make their appearances like the Pinata. You have to kick Pinata, and you can get free candies and reward cards.

The game also allows you to add photos on Buddy’s face. If you hate someone, then you have to try this feature. The game presents it as a fun feature, but those who use it know the reality very well. Generally, you find people’s boss’s photos there.

Apart from the default cardboard background, there are more backgrounds for you to choose from. You can pick ‘Room,’ which costs 10000 coins or ‘Lab,’ which is worth 500 diamonds. You can also change the looks of your buddy. There is an option to choose ‘Lil Buddy,’ which costs 600 diamonds. This buddy looks more like an American Rapper, Lil Wayne, to be more precise.

The game also has special firearms Beretta, M16, SPAS-12, etc. All of these are premium purchases, and you need to spend either coins or diamonds on these.

Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK – Why is it required?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. The game comes as a three-day trial. After three days, you either have to buy it or get ready to get bombarded with endless advertisements. Even if you decide to buy the game, it’s not a one-time thing. Kick the Buddy Forever is offered on a subscription basis, and you can choose from Weekly, Monthly, and Premium options.

The weekly subscription is $8, monthly is $20, and yearly is $100. Subscription means no ads and some limited resources. Once you run out of these resources, the game again starts shoving you up with many purchase options.

So the only option you are left with is using Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk. Kick the Buddy Forever mod apk give you unlimited coins or gold, diamonds/gems, disables all ads, and you also get diamond membership for free. The mod version of Kick the Buddy also unlocks all the premium weapons in the game without adding any costs. Using Kick the buddy forever mod apk, you can save hundreds of dollars in in-app purchases and subscription costs.



Gold is the primary currency of the game. You can buy new weapons and unlock new outfits for the buddy using gold coins. The original version of the game gives you a certain number of gold coins when you beat the buddy. It depends on how much you damage him and how quickly you complete the stage. It generally ranges anywhere from 10 to 60 coins.
You also get coins from the reward cards, but they are never enough given the prices of different weapons in the game.
You can get unlimited gold coins for free when you play using the latest Kick the buddy forever mod apk.


Diamonds or gems are the premium/secondary currency of the game. You need gems to unlock special items in the game. Some of these special items are weapons like Uzi and Bazooka, backgrounds like Lab and avatars like Lil buddy. Organically, the only way to gather diamonds in the game is by playing the card lottery. That too barely rewards you with gems.
Hence, the only way to get unlimited diamonds in the game is by using Kick the buddy forever mod apk.

All Weapons Unlocked

This game is all about beating the buddy and trying new weapons. These weapons include Nukes, whiplashes, guns, etc. Almost all of these good weapons are locked, and the game demands you to spend a crazy amount of money to unlock them. Use Kick the buddy forever mod apk to unlock all the weapons for free.

Diamond Membership

Diamond memberships are essentially the subscription plans that this game offers. These subscription plans reward you with special items, but they cost a ton of money. Use Kick the buddy forever mod apk to get diamond membership for free.

Unlock Blood Effect

The game offers a blood effect wherein when you hit the buddy, blood spills from him. Sounds fascinating, right? But the only problem is that this effect is a premium addon. So what do you do? The answer is you use Kick, the buddy mod apk, to unlock blood effect for free.


Kick the buddy forever is a fantastic stress reliever. Maybe that’s the reason so many people love it. The only problem with the game up until then was its subscription models and premium plans. Some people choose to play the free version, but it’s a significant trade-off with the game experience because of the ads. But not anymore. Use Kick the buddy forever mod apk, and you can have unlimited everything and that too for free. Make sure you download the latest file and from a trusted source.

Please note that all our files are regularly checked and updated, but if you still run into any problem, then feel free to drop a comment, and we’ll help you resolve the issue.Unlimited Unlimited


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Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for Kick the Buddy Forever Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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