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Happy Racing Mod APK – Unlimited Coins and Unlocked Characters v2.1

Happy Racing mod

NameHappy Racing
Latest Version2.1
File Size82 MB
FeaturesGems, Characters
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Happy Racing Mod APK


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Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death. Happy Racing is not your ordinary racing game where you will be running a bike or car. This game is about madness. You will be creating mayhem on the tracks by riding unexpected vehicles from wheelchairs to modified tractors or something even crazier. Who races on a wheelchair? Just like I said, not your typical racing game. Further, you can enjoy this chaotic race in a single-player, online multiplayer, or a friendly duel mode.

Can you perfectly control a wheelchair or a shopping cart? Do you wish to spend your hard-earned money on some virtual game characters? If no came as an answer to any of these two questions, we got your back. We have something that will solve all your problems related to the game. Happy Racing mod apk, a modified version of the original game that unlocks every in-game feature for you. Also referred to as the Mega mod, the game offers unlimited coins, unlocked characters and a lot more that we don’t want to tell you right away. So, stick hard to this space, and you will know what this hype is all about.

How easy is to hack Happy Racing?

If we talk on a scale of one to ten, it is seven. Zero if you choose to download happy Racing mod apk which is already hacked for unlimited resources by our cheat codes. If you deeply search to find out how are these mods created, you will find that most of them have modified AndroidManifest.xml or preferences.xml. Mainly preferences.xml, stores most of the critical game attributes. Once these values are changed (to the maximum allowed limit), all the files are repacked into an APK file. This APK file is shared over the internet as the mod version of the game. For Happy Racing, the characters were unlocked by changing data_character lock from 1 to 0 in the preferences.xml file.


Happy racing characters

Although the game doesn’t have a lot of paid content to offer, it has a lot of content that can be unlocked using money. Read the following points to know more:


There are over 30+ hilarious characters in the game each with a cost of over from 500 to 4000 coins. Taking the lower bound costs, buying all the character will cost over 16000 coins, and that’s a lot. If you don’t want to keep playing for an eternity to earn coins, there’s a better alternative to this, the mod version of Happy Racing. The mod will give you access to unlimited money using which you can buy your favorite characters.

Unlocked Characters

There are many interesting characters in Happy Racing, some of them are – Crazy in a wheelchair, Cat Lady, Sad Shark, Shelzy, Hipster and Vlad Tsukyablud. These are some of the best characters in the game one can find.  However, all of these characters can only be unlocked by playing the game regularly, which is a very time-consuming task. Here the mod will unlock all the characters in the very beginning so that you can choose your personal favorite or the secret one from the very beginning of the game.

Upgraded Characters

All the characters can be upgraded by performing multiple purchases. Upgrading them will improve their overall performance as well as their speed and control. However, purchasing all of the characters all over again can become a problem. To solve this, you can download Happy Racing mod apk which gives you upgraded characters for free. These upgraded characters also include VIP characters like OMGderpKITTY, Lumberjack, Varg Blackburn, Mastero, Rufus and Mr. Overload, all of which are exclusive to the diamond membership users.

All Levels Packs unlocked

There are eight levels packs in the game, namely Killing floors, Junk Factory, Tokyo Shuffle, Wrong Street, Crash Site, Rekting ball, and Explosion BLVD. By default, they can only be unlocked by completing one level after the other. If you would like to break the line and jump to a random level, you can do this with the Happy Racing mod which will unlock all the levels at once.

Gameplay Video


Happy Racing is all about crazy characters driving their insane vehicles and trying to reach the finish line by all means. So, choose from any of the unlocked crazy drivers, hit the accelerator, and drive your way to the victory.

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