Fatal Raid mod

Fatal Raid Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Gold, Gems, Ammo, Guns) v1.5.577

Fatal Raid mod

NameFatal Raid – No.1 Mobile FPS
PublisherInfraware Inc.
Latest Version1.5.607
File Size92 MB
FeaturesGold, Gems, Ammo
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Fatal Raid Mod APK


Are you wishing for a Zombie Apocalypse? Well, it has already arrived and the deads are already taking over the city. What stands between the zombies and the ultimate destruction of your city is a squad of elite super-soldiers equipped with deadly weapons. Fatal Raid gives you an extreme FPS gaming experience with complex story-driven gameplay. Unfold the truths of Nova city and make your way to the center. While exploring the war-affected streets, you will realize that the zombies aren’t your only enemies, there is an evil corporation deploying their soldiers for the destruction too.

Although the signup will reward you with 2600 Gems, 300 Energy and Character Hilda for 7 days, it won’t last for more than a few days. In addition to that, Fatal Raid offers a lot of in-app purchases that can be made using real money. If your pocket cannot afford that, the best alternative is to install Fatal Raid mod APK also known as the Mega mod which offers unlimited money and gold. This cracked version of the game is based on the original version and receives regular updates to keep in sync with the original game content. Downloading and installing the mod isn’t difficult either, you just need to make some taps and voila, you’re done.


Fatal Raid Mega mod is one of the best mod version of Fatal Raid available on the internet. Not only it gives you access to store items for free, but it also rewards you with unlimited gems and coins. That and a bunch of exciting features mentioned below:

Fatal Raid unlimited gems, gold and ammo


Money or gold coins are the primary currency in the game. From buying a weapon to upgrading it, you will need coins for everything. Since there is a massive collection of weapons and armors to unlock, you will soon run out of gold. Though you can also purchase gold coins from the in-game store they are very expensive. The best way to hoard a lot of gold and money to unlock weapons quickly is to download Fatal Raid mod apk. The application offers the maximum number of gold coins and with usage, this resource replenishes automatically.


Diamond also referred to as gems in the game are a very popularly mode of performing an instant upgrade of guns, armor, and characters. The use of diamonds can be limited easily. However, for impatient gamers like you and me who don’t like to wait, diamond is a must-have resource. You can make some quick diamonds by watching in-game video ads or by purchasing them for the store. If you don’t want to do that, you can download Fatal Raid Mod APK instead and enjoy the benefits of owning unlimited gems that come alongside.

High Damage

The rookie zombies are easy to deal with, but as you advance through subsequent levels, you will encounter more powerful zombies and evil soldiers. To deal with them, you need more powerful weapons. Take your foes down more easily with high damage guns and ammo which increase your chances of taking down the enemy in one shot.


When you rush into a horde of zombies, you might start firing blindly. Deathslingers like us do not care about ammo but it becomes a problem when we run out of bullets. To solve this problem, Fatal Raid Mod APK supplies you with unlimited ammo so that you can become the grim reaper for your enemies.

No Recoil

Some of the most popular guns like AK47 have a heavy recoil which makes them harder to handle. This cannot just result in a miss for every shot but also decrease your overall aiming accuracy. If you care about the stats, Fatal Raid Mod APK sports a no recoil feature that will practically eliminate the recoil and make your shots more accurate for all of the guns.

Unlocked Guns

A good inventory of guns is a paradise for all of the FPS gamers. Just like any other game, Fata Raid also boasts an awesome inventory which includes some of the best weapons including AWM, AK47, UMP, Desert eagle and much more. If you are already drooling, you need to download Fatal Raid Mod APK which will unlock all the guns for you because just looking at these amazing pieces of art is no justice.

Gameplay Video


  1. Uninstall the previous version of Fatal Raid from your device(If any) and clear data and cache.
  2. Once the mod has been downloaded, install it like any other application.
  3. Give access to the asked permission and let the mod spill some magic.
  4. Open the game and you will see unlimited sources in your account.
  5. We can say nothing more but, enjoy.

Challenge Global Players

The true spirit of playing FPS games is in multiplayer mode and Fatal Raid Mod APK is no different. Challenge global players online in real-time or get into a brawl with other clans. Fatal Raid Mod APK possibly features all of the game modes you can possibly think of. From deathmatch to the bombing mission, Clan wars to survival mode, it has everything. If you don’t have a pair of anti-glare glasses, I suggest you get one because you are getting hooked to your phone screen for a pretty long time.Unlimited Unlimited


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