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NameDream League Soccer
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Latest Version6.13
File Size72 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Coins, Training and unlocked players
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Dream League Soccer Mod APK


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Dream League Soccer (Mod APK) is a football management game developed and published by First Touch Games in 2016. There are many soccer games out there in the market like FIFA and PES but after a while even these well known legendary titles fail to impress the users. The guys at First Touch Games understood this problem and that’s when they decided to create a soccer game that has the combination of various interactive elements so that the players don’t get bored out so easily. Dream League Soccer gives you complete freedom to create your own Dream Team FC. You are totally free to choose your own favorite players and not to forget that the captain can also be completely of your choice.

Dream League Soccer has a lot of interactive tournaments, competitions, etc in which you can participate with your team. While on the field, you can also control each player and that’s where the excitement just doubles! The game works in offline mode but if you think you have the essential skills to tackle down actual players from across the globe then the online mode or in other words, Dream League Online is waiting for you. Each year the developers change the game title year which basically means that this time from Dream League Soccer 2019 it will become Dream League Soccer 2020 or the changes would have already been made by the time this article goes live on the website.

Dream League Soccer has a huge fan following which is clearly evident by the news or buzz that keeps getting created around it on the Internet. The fun and excitement doubles when you get the chance to recruit and play with real players from different corners of the world. Dream League Soccer doesn’t have a very great graphics interface but in spite of that, it’s widely played and appreciated by both the critics and fellow players. The developers follow the freemium model for the title and thus DLS is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store with 12M+ downloads and an average rating of 4.6/5 as of writing this article.


Dream League Soccer may not be a very familiar name among the Android gamers but that doesn’t mean it can’t be on par with other similar top games like FIFA and PES. It is built on the 3D graphics style and the image does lack a bit here and there but overall shape and moves of the players are quite smooth. The game gives you full flexibility in choosing your own squad, players, etc so that you can build the best team which will give a tough competition to the other teams during long season based competitions.

Right when you start the game, you will become a coach and manager of a team that you have to raise to the top international standards so that it’s well known among the masses. At the same time, you will have to build and upgrade stadium so that your team is able to develop themselves for competing in higher divisions/competitions of the game. As a coach, you will also have to indulge in the buying and selling of players as that’s the ultimate way to play long term all course the season. The game works quite in accordance with the real life in terms of available player options, i.e. If any player suddenly rises to fame in real life then that same player would be available in the game version just after a few updates.

It’s important to know that not all the time every kind of player would be available for buying, and that can get a little frustrating at times! Also, in fewer cases, it could be hard to get licensing or permission for certain players or events, so you will have to learn to deal with that. That being said, you have freedom in choosing and editing name, logos, uniforms, etc. The game has almost 7 different tournaments which you can conquer and ultimately bring the trophies to your room. If you get bored with the smart and effective AI-based players (very less chances), then you can go and compete with online players across the globe.

Dream League Soccer Mod APK – Why is it required?

Dream League Soccer is a game that brings a whole virtual football experience to the table, even beating its competitors like FIFA and PES. But, not to forget that it too follows the freemium model so to make money, it has its own in-app purchases section and like every other game, this too has been designed with restrictions so that the players are forced to make purchases using real-world cash. Well, if money isn’t a big thing to worry about for you then you may not have many issues in spending cash on a virtual game but when we cater to the masses, the situation is totally opposite. Major of the players out there will definitely hesitate to spend on a virtual experience which just rewards you with momentary pleasure.

On the other side, it’s also very difficult to collect a decent amount of money/coins in a short span of time in the game. You will have to work extremely hard for almost one or two seasons just for making an improvement to your stadium or buying a quality player. To avoid all these hassles, we recommend you to download Dream League Soccer Mod Apk as it contains unlimited coins/money, all players unlocked and the best of all, in spite of having these extra unlimited or advantageous features, the game is still highly compressed.



Coins are the in-game currency that you would require to speed up things. Unfortunately, it’s not at all easy to collect coins in the game. You will have to go through a lot of pain and trouble right from the initial stages to collect a considerable amount of coins. Well, why it’s like that? Just because the developers are more interested in making money than improving their game. Yes, you read it right! There’s a special and dedicated coin market where you can purchase coins using real-life cash and the best way to avoid it is by downloading DLS mod apk as it provides unlimited coins to each and every player.

All Players Unlocked

The idea of playing as your favorite player in a virtual soccer game is what excites the most people! You get to replicate the special moves and tricks that you would have seen a specific player perform in the real world matches. But, waiting for the unlock of your favourite players is what frustrates most of the players! Nobody likes waiting in case of player unlocking as by the time your player would be available for unlock, the whole excitement of playing would have just vanished away. Dream League Soccer Mod Apk deals with this issue in a very extraordinary way by having all players unlocked right from the beginning.

Player Development

What’s the fun of playing as a player with the most basic skills? The developers makes sure that at every nook and corner you have to empty down a bit of your pocket and similarly is in the case of player development. We at BlueMods are totally against that idea or concept of spending real world cash on a virtual game. Unfortunately, the player development may take a lot of your time and effort and if you aren’t interested in doing any of that and just want each player with the maximum upgradations whenever you desire then you must try out our DLS mod apk.


Players need to be trained from time to time for the display of their best output and productivity in the matches. Dream League Soccer provides you a very limited number of training sessions and they are further restricted to time periods. Like in a week, you may only have three sessions to acquire. The best and ultimate way to increase the training sessions is by downloading and using the modded version of the game. This way, your time would be saved and you will be able to make the most out of your players.


Dream League Soccer is a fantastic football management game that works well even on a bit low-end devices. It may have its flaws here and there but considering the size, features and its device compatibility, those things can be ignored and all in all, it can be said to be a tough competitor for other similar niche games like PES and FIFA. The game can be majorly played offline and you would require Internet connection at mainly two stages, one at the stage when you load the game for the first time and second, when you want to play with other players across the globe via Dream League Soccer Online. To enjoy the game to the fullest, by avoiding all kinds of restrictions, you can try out Dream League Soccer Mod Apk.Unlimited Unlimited


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