Dragon Hills 2 mod apk

Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Health

Dragon Hills 2 mod apk

NameDragon Hills 2
PublisherRebel Twins
Latest Version1.1.4
File Size78 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Unlocked weapons
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK


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The successor to one of the most exciting games we’ve ever played, Dragon Hill 2 is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. Modern ones have replaced all the previous game elements. A bold girl replaces fearless princess, stone-age weapons are now replaced by scientific weapon, dragons have received a considerable makeover, and the game now offers completely revamped environments to play in.


The gameplay of version two is pretty similar to its older sibling. Your primary objective remains the same, destruction. Of what? Zombies, yeah zombies. Dragon Hills 2 is based on a zombie apocalypse that went south. Discover the thrilling and magical lands filled with dragons, zombies cowboys, armored mechs, spaceships, and a ton of other surprises. The sequel offers double the amount of thrill, excitement, and adventure with 28 towers to conquer and four different worlds to explore.

Dragon Hills 2 – Why is it required?

With the second edition of Dragon Hills, the fun, thrill, and adventure has undoubtedly increased by quite some folds but so has the difficulty. It has become unmanageable to collect coins and unlock dragons and weapons at the same time. The positioning of coins has been set high and at tricky locations throughout the game, making it difficult for players who have just started playing the game. The newly introduced levels with zombie horde are challenging to clear as they manage to reduce the health of your dragon quickly using modern weapons.

Dragon Hills 2 unlocked weapons, health and dragons

Dragon Hills 2 has multiple in-app purchases for its users. You will have to shell out INR 100-935 per item to make these purchases. This seems like a considerable amount for a game. The issues, as mentioned earlier, are the reason new and old players are veering towards Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK. The mod version offers a whole of lot features to Dragon Hills 2. These features enable you to have unlimited money, revives and unlocked dragons as well as weapons. These additions retain the fun and excitement of the game and at the same time, reduce the difficulty to a manageable position.

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Most of the elements standstill in their place and have been carried forward from Dragon Hills mod apk, but there are some additions to the lineup. Like, levels have been introduced, which allows you to play in different environments, including Zombienatti, Wild West, Planet Z, and much more. That and a couple of new features discussed below.


Derived from its older sibling, coins remain in their place for the trade of purchase and upgrade. Since the game is harder than before, it becomes even harder to collect coins for purchase and upgrades. However, the solution remains the same. Download the Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK and get access to unlimited coins for free.

Revives and health

Now that the enemy bosses are stronger than before and there are poison ponds that will reduce your health if you dive into them, an extra dose of health would come handy. In the Mod, you will be receiving unlimited health with the mod as well as unlimited revives alongside.

Upgraded Dragons

The power and strength of any dragon can be now measured on three criteria, namely, Vitality, Drilling Speed, and Speed Boost. Higher these values, stronger the dragons. To upgrade these dragons to their full potential, you need to play for massive hours. If you don’t want to devote your essential hours to this game but still wanna see the dragons unleashing their power, download the Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK where you will get upgraded dragons by default.

Unlocked Weapons

Mighty apace guns and missile launchers have now replaced the axes and swords. If you want to see them in action, you have to work hard to unlock them after completing successive missions. If you don’t want to sign up for this, you can instead download the mod file and get all weapons unlocked at your disposal. Cheap pop-up gun, Green Bee, Rata tata, Bouncing bullets, Space gun plus, and a missile launcher(extreme) are some of the weapons unlocked in the mod.

All Unlocked

There are few additions in the inventory lineup that includes revives, money magnet, bubble hurricane, extra life, and thundergod’s wrath. All of which can only be accessed once you’ve played an ample amount of game. If you are looking for a way to unlock and taste these add-ons without working hard, get a copy of Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK where you will be getting all of these items unlocked on priority.

Unlocked Dragons

There’s a whole new line up of dragons. Predator of the sky, Panther Road, and the very famous Mechzilla are to name a few. However, getting your hands on these dragons will not be easy. Get a short way to reach the dragons by using the mod where you will be getting unlocked dragons by default.

Levels Unlocked

As we told you already, there are new environments to play in called levels. Will you go into a guilt trip that all these levels are locked beside the first one? Play regularly to unlock new levels and experience an all-new arena. But if you are looking for a faster way to unlock the levels, you can download the Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK where all levels will be unlocked in priority.

Gameplay Video


Dragon Hills 2 is undoubtedly an excellent source of entertainment, but something seems off about the game, it is too addictive. You will find difficulties in taking your hands off your device and your eyes off the screen. If you don’t want your parents screaming at you for playing too much of Dragon Hills 2 Mod APK, you better be playing within healthy limits.Unlimited Unlimited


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