Dragon Ball legends mod apk

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK – Unlimited Chrono Crystals

Dragon Ball legends mod apk

PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Latest Version1.40.0
APK Size73 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Chrono Crystals, Unlocked Characters
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK


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Do you know someone who can beat the whole Marvel Universe alone? Yes, it’s none other than Goku San and Vegeta Sama. We have heard mighty stories of their power, valor, and bravery from our childhood, and nothing falls short to your expectations once you get to know them. The world of Dragon Ball is so powerful that their characters can swipe the entire universe in a snap of their fingers. Equally powerful and exciting is this game based on these characters called Dragon Ball Legends (Mod APK) inspired by the anime with the same name. Made by Bandai Namco Entertainment, it’s grossing on the Google PlayStore with an average star rating of 4.6 stars and over 10 million installs. Let’s see in the next section if this game does justice to the Dragon Ball Anime or not.


Witness explosive adrenaline-pumped action as you go into battles with Son Goku. Dragon Ball Legends features easy one-touch controls that allow you to control your favorite Dragon Ball action figures easily. Engage in one on one action with global players, unleash fierce combos and fierce special moves in a single tap and let yourself fall for the ruthless action.

Shallot, an amnesiac Saiyan, is the main combatant of the game. This character is created and designed by original author Akira Toriyama specifically for the game. An ancient Saiyan from the past, Shallot woke up to find himself a participant in the Tournament of Time.

The story of the game begins right after the end of the Tournament of Power, which occurred in Age 780 with a confrontation of Super Saiyan Goku with Legendary Super Saiyan Broly – who has come to the present time. The two battle, and as Goku says he is about to end it, everything cuts to black.

In the first few chapters Goku (in Super Saiyan form), Shallot, and Future Trunks battle against Broly. When the three seemingly emerge victoriously, Broly wakes up and tries to kill Shallot by firing up an Eraser Cannon. Future Trunks dodges in to save Shallot but gets killed by the Eraser Cannon. Likewise, the story takes its shape in 5 parts and several books and chapters. At the end of each chapter, you are rewarded with Chrono Crystals (Unlimited), which can be used to summon new characters like Vegeta, Moro, Jiren, and Merus. There are also several other new original characters, including Zaha and Giblet.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK – Why is it required?

“The developers of the game are purposely making the game difficult for free-2-play players by removing methods of obtaining currency (Chrono Crystals) and making new events difficult to the point where new units are required. This forces us to either put in days upon days of constant grinding for a chance to unlock characters we need, or for us to pay money for currency instead. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t have time to spare or extra cash to spend on purchasing Chrono crystals.”

Dragon Ball Legends unlimited chrono crystals

Another user mentioned in the reviews how it’s next to impossible to win some levels and how the drop rates of getting good characters have been reduced in the recent updates. It’s not worth spending your money on a game that won’t reward you something equivalent to your money. This leaves you with the only option to download a mod version of Dragon Ball Legends. Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK is an action game based on the popular anime Dragon Ball. The game features all the characters of the anime in an exciting storyline of 42 chapters. Whoever installs the mod apk gets unlimited Chrono Crystals, unlocked characters, and unlimited ki (energy) among the various features. The special rewards received with the mod are Z points (Zeni), souls, crystals (gems), and Zeni.

If you’re longing to know more about the mod, read the next section where we discuss some of the key features of unlimited everything Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK.


This section is about the numerous collectible and unlocked features that a player gets when Dragon Ball Legends mod APK is installed on their device.

Chrono Crystals

Chrono Crystals or gems hold key importance in the game and can be used to summon new characters throughout Dragon Ball Legends. Also known as Dragon Ball Legends farming crystals, the easiest way to acquire unlimited Chrono crystals is by downloading Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK.


Every character in the game uses their ki (energy) to perform their special attack. Ki can be generated by tapping the screen for some time, which can create an opening for your opponents to attack and cost you a loss. With Dragon Ball Legends mod APK, you will get unlimited Ki, which you can use continuously to attack your enemies to deal heavy damage.


In addition to the Chrono Crystals, there is a non-premium in-game currency called Zeni. Zeni is used, along with Souls, to strengthen your characters, upgrade their equipment, send your characters on Adventures, empower their abilities, and unlock new Boost Panels. Adventures, which yield Souls, experience, and other helpful items such as Training Weights. Both Souls and Zeni are obtained by completing story chapters and events, which can be repeated to continue earning rewards. It will take quite a lot of Zeni to max out a character’s stats completely. So, the most preferred way to obtain tons of Zeni is by either farming the Event Story mission or by using Dragon Ball Legends mod APK.

All Characters Unlocked

There are over 80 characters that you can play as, each with their unique set of skills. However, most of these characters are locked and can only be accessed once you have reached a certain level in the game. The best way to summon fasters fast is through Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK, which gives you unrestricted access to summon all these characters without progressing up in the game.

One hit kills

As you level up in the game, you will find battles that are almost impossible to complete without having special characters. You can download Dragon Ball legends Mod APK to initiate a one-hit defeat feature that will increase the amount of damage your character deals with each hit.

Boost Panel Unlocked

Boost panel is one of the key features of the game. Activating this panel gives your character an attacking and defensive boost that can turn the victory in your lap. This additional advantage can be unlocked without any effort with the mod of Dragon Ball Legends.

Equipment Slot Unlocked

You can also endow your players with an equipment slot with which you can equip a weapon. This can add an advantage by your side and help you win most of the time. However, you can only unlock the slot by reaching a certain level, but with the Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK, you can unlock and equip it instantly.


The storyline of the game is a follow up to the Tournament of Power that happened in the anime series Dragon Ball Super. This tournament is hosted by King Kai to determine the strongest warrior from across time. You can play missions or complete the story mode, whichever you prefer. There is also an adventure mode that lets you play a mission for money, which you have to complete within a set amount of time. The lead character is Shallot, which you can customize to your preferences. The game is pretty engaging and easy to learn. We all have been waiting for this game to happen, and it’s finally out. Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK now.Unlimited Unlimited


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