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Dino Hunter Mod APK

Latest Version3.5.9
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Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold, and Energy
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Dino Hunter Mod APK


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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores (Mod APK) is a first-person gallery shooter and dinosaur hunting game created by Glu. The game has dozens of different hunting missions where the player is instructed to shoot down various types of dinosaurs in a specific manner. A successful hunt rewards the player with gold, hunter bucks, and map pieces. Hunter Bucks are used for acquiring firearms while map pieces unlock new regions. Dino Hunter differentiates itself from the rest of popular dinosaur games like Jurassic World by being more focused on hunting skills and providing some serious hand-held weaponry. The game has over 50 million active installs on the Google play store and is available for iOS, Facebook, and PC.


Your first mission is to kill 1 Velociraptor. You can move from side to side, i.e., only left and right. Front and back movements are not allowed.
For every hunt, you complete you are awarded cash. For example, the first hunting mission rewards you with 1050 cash. Moreover, you are awarded extra cash for specialized shots and items. The special items are:

Rare Animal HuntingHeart ShotsLung Shots

You have to collect all the map points to complete the regions. The first region consists of 9 pieces.
You lose energy when you play different stages, and the energy is refilled after every completed level.

Some levels require you to have specialized weapons. These weapons can be upgraded to make them more lethal. Upgrades include muzzle flashes and increased range.

Weapons have different power levels. In order to complete some special series, you need special weapons. Darman Stinger is one such weapon that you need to complete some missions. The Darman Stinger, however, requires 192 gold bars to purchase, and that too is after a 60% discount.

The only way to earn Gold Bar organically in the game is by hunting dinosaurs with head, heart, and lung shots. Every dinosaur you kill with the unique shots provides you with one gold bar.

You are also provided with special equipment in the later stages of the game. The infrared sensor is one such instrument. It lets you scan a dinosaur for vital organs. Some missions require you to take shots at vital organs. One such mission is when you have to take a lungs shot at a raptor.

Dino Hunter Mod APK – Why is it required?

Just like most of the other gaming offerings from Glu, Dino Hunter is also free to play. But just like those other games, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores also costs a ton of real money if you wish to enjoy the game to its fullest. How? You might ask. Well, here’s the answer.

When you start a new Dino Hunter game, most of the game resources are locked. These resources include new and exotic weapons, missions, map locations, crates, and then there are ads. Some users report that sometimes ads get so obtrusive that you can’t even play the game. The game forces you to make in-app purchases, and these purchases can add up to hundreds of dollars. Buck Pack alone costs $100 to purchase. Here’s a list of all the items that are available to buy:

Truckload Gold Pack$49.99
Bank Vault Gold Pack$99.99
Truckload Hunter Buck Pack$49.99
Bank Vault Hunter Buck Pack$99.99
Starter’s Pack$4.99
Pocket Change Gold Pack$29.99
Spending Money Gold Pack$49.99
Pocket Change Gold Pack$1.99
Starter’s Pack$4.99

Because of these high costs of in-app purchases, it becomes imperative for common folks to use Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk. There is no other way to get unlimited money, gold, and unlock all the crates in the game for free.


Here are some of the features of the latest Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk.


Money or cash is the primary currency in Dino Hunters. Even though the game is free, but you can’t play it for long without money. It is needed to make weapons purchases, and these special weapons are required to complete certain stages in the game. Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk provides you with unlimited money for free so that you can make as many purchases as you want. Now you can unlock all the dinosaurs you want at any time.


Gold is the secondary currency in Dino Hunters Deadly Shores. Gold is awarded when you take special shots in the game, and the maximum gold you can win per mission is 1. But that’s like nothing given the price of different items in the game. Most new guns cost more than 100 gold bars. You can either buy more gold using in-app purchases or use Dino Hunter mod apk for unlimited gold. It is the easiest and fastest way to get infinite Dino Hunter gold.


You need Energy to play the game. Your energy depletes as you move further and lose in missions. Moreover, if you keep loosing and your energy hits zero, you cannot play also until you spend money on getting more energy. This can get very frustrating for new players. Get unlimited energy in the game with the latest Dino Hunter Mod Apk.

Unlocked Weapons

Dino Hunter has a wide variety of weapons that you can choose from. You need different weapons for different missions. Some missions require you to have a rifle and some an assault rifle. Most of these weapons are locked in a new game, and so are their upgrades. As you move further along, you can unlock them, but that also requires a lot of money. Moreover, some guns are available after a certain level only.
An example could be Winsor Zenith Elite, the best gun Dino Hunter has to offer is available only from region 4. You get all the weapons unlocked when you play using the latest Dino Hunter deadly shores mod apk.

Unlocked Crates

Crates provide special items and upgrades. But these crates take time before you can use them, sometimes hours and sometimes even days. Get crates unlocked faster by using Dino Hunter mod apk.


Dino Hunter is an amazing game for you if you like hunting and shooting genre mobile games. The wide variety of weapons and a plethora of dinosaurs to kill makes it so popular. You can choose to kill animals which are flying to those which are on the ground. The game is known for its 3D graphics. There are some limitations of the game like your restricted movement, which works as a factor against the game.

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