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NameDesign Home
PublisherCrowdstar Inc
Latest Version1.40.026
APK Size90 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Keys, and Diamonds
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Design Home Mod APK


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Design Home (Mod APK) is an interior decorator simulation game that tasks you with designing rooms in much the same way you’d decorate a house you built in The Sims Freeplay. In the game, you get to pick the styles of the furniture, walls, paintings, curtains, and other decorative items with a set budget. The game challenges you with a set of requirements and your job will be to pick the best looking items for an empty room. You pay for furniture and other items in either cash or diamonds, because the game has two currencies, and they are equal in value.

Design Home (Mod Apk) is arguably the best home decor mobile game available today. It is one of the more famous games by Glu, an American game developer. The app was released in November 2016, and it quickly gained popularity because of its graphics and vast features. Design Home is one of the few home decor games available which provides such a vast number of game items. You can design from Beach Villas to Condos and from Penthouses to European style Bungalows. And that’s not even the best part. The best part about Design Home is the options it provides to buy decorative furniture. You can buy all real-world furniture items like DWR’s Gigi Stacking Side Chair and West Elm’s Starbust Coffee Table for your house. This is one of the reasons this game has been downloaded over 50 million times so far, and over 1 million people play it every month.


Design Home is different from most other Glu games like Frontline Commando and Diner Dash. This game makes you play the role of an interior designer. When you start the game, it begins with a practice challenge. You have to style a fresh and modern living room for an NYC home. You have to fill a room with furniture and decor, and the items you choose are added to your inventory.

Design Challenges are a very crucial part of the game. You can enter live design challenges, and you are presented with a new challenge every day. For every completed challenge, the game rewards you with cash and charges some keys to let you enter. For example, one of the very first challenges is designing a coastal-inspired contemporary living room in a waterfront home on Lake Houston, Texas. The place is the ideal vacation gateway for boating, fishing, golfing, or even just plain relaxing. The outside of the place is Victorian, but the inside has to be open and spacious. Your job is to make it a perfect place to lounge on a hot summer vacation day. When you complete this challenge, you earn 2,500 cash, but you have to spend 15 keys to enter the challenge. Upon winning this challenge, you win one Cressida Modern bed worth 1,613 diamonds and 125 diamonds.

You can buy different items in the Design Home. When you purchase an item, it stays in your inventory, and you can use it for a limited number of times. If you do not have a specific item and you don’t want to purchase it either, you can borrow it from your friends or family.

On your journey to becoming a fantastic interior designer, you’ll encounter many exciting challenges. Keep on competing in these challenges to earn unlimited money and diamonds. You need them to unlock exotic items in the game like a Gothic lamp or a Bonsai plant.

Design Home Mod APK – Why is it required?

Design Home is a free game, but that’s not true. Here’s how. The game has three currencies which are:


These currencies are needed at every step of the game. You need them to make purchases for new furniture items or to participate in new challenges. These currencies or resources are limited, and you are awarded very few of each of them when you start a new game.
To give you an example, the level 1 LA GFx Series wall art costs 850 diamonds, and when you play the game, you need a few of them.

Similarly, every item has a cost associated with it. Now there are two ways to gather more money, keys, and diamonds. They are:

  1. Complete challenges in the game and earn them organically: This option is free; however, it’s long and incredibly slow. It would take you a lifetime to gather enough of these.
  2. Make in-app purchases: In simple words, it’s by buying all those resources, but even if you go with buying them, it would cost you a fortune, and the worst part is that you can only use the furniture items a certain number of times.

So, the only option you are left with is using Design Home Mod Apk for unlimited keys, money, and diamonds. It is free, it is fast, and it is straightforward.


Here are some of the features of Design Home Mod Apk:


When you start, you get 18,000 cash. You use it to buy furniture and decor. But it can quickly dry up. The only way to earn more money is by entering new challenges and winning prizes. But it requires a lot of effort, and there is no certainty that you’ll win the prizes. Design Home Mod Apk is the solution to this problem. You get unlimited diamonds for free when you use Design Home mod apk.


Keys are necessary to enter new challenges. When you start, you are awarded 72 keys. You can earn more keys by voting for different furniture items and decorations. But there’s only so many keys you can earn by completing these challenges. Unlock unlimited 99999 keys when you use Design Home mod apk.


Diamonds are used to buy premium items. You can also trade diamonds with cash or keys. When you start, you have 8000 diamonds. The only way to get more diamonds is either by winning them as prizes or by purchasing them from the store, but when you use Design Home mod apk, you receive an unlimited supply of diamonds for free forever.


Design Home is the hands-down best game in the home decor and interior design category. Anyone with interest in design and decoration must try the game at least once. Design Home also works as a discovery platform, for it lets you find new items that you can buy in real life. Take Penninsula Home Coffee Table Provenzal and Australian Bonsai, for example. You can purchase these items in the try and buy in the game, and if you like them, you can buy them for your real home as well. It makes the game extremely fun. But limited resources and difficulty in generating a significant number of money and diamonds make it excruciatingly painful to enjoy the game entirely.

Download the latest Design Home Mod Apk with unlimited diamonds to get rid of all these problems and enjoy amazing gameplay.

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