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Crunchyroll Premium APK

NameCrunchyroll Premium
PublisherEllation, Inc.
Latest Version2.5.1
File Size30.9 MB
Mod FeaturesFree Premium Membership
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Crunchyroll Premium Mod APK


Crunchyroll (Premium, Mod APK) is a global video streaming service focused on Japanese animated productions and Asian media services. The service boasts the world’s largest collection of Japanese anime, including One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack On Titan. Founded in May 2006 by a group of UC Berkeley graduates, the company currently operates under Otter Media, which is a subsidiary of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. The service currently operates through a website and an Android application (Crunchyroll Premium APK) to deliver over 900 anime shows to around 50 million registered users and 2 million subscribers.

A significant portion of the present youth is fanatic about Anime, Mangas, and dorama. With uptight Korean and Japanese culture settling down worldwide, demand for anime and mangas has grown at a high pace. Given that the market has only limited sources to watch Anime and read mangas, Crunchyroll is a savior for many. From what is Crunchyroll to how you can get a premium membership for free, we are going to cover everything in this extensive guide on Crunchyroll Premium.

Crunchyroll Overview

Crunchroll Premium mobile interface

Crunchyroll is a global distributor of digital content, mainly focused on Anime and Manga. Based out of America, Crunchyroll has its roots in 2006, where a bunch of university graduates founded it. Crunchyroll has now settled in the lap of a community with over 35 million members worldwide. Featuring more than 900 anime shows, over 200 Asian dramas, and 50 manga titles, Crunchyroll touched the milestone of 1 million paid subscribers in February 2017, it has been growing strong since then. To provide more mobility and ease of access to their users, Crunchyroll later released a mobile application for Android users, a collection of over 900 animes inside a compact 35MB app. The application was an instant hit and caught the attention of hardcore anime lovers, and on this date, it has more than 10 million downloads on Google PlayStore.

Crunchyroll Mod APK

At present, almost every Android application has a free mod version. Mods are nothing but a modified version of the original app. The mods are created by creating additional elements on top of the basic features of the application. Once they are modified, they are repacked and shared on the web with users, for free or for some nominal fee. Crunchyroll Mod APK is similar to any such mod that has been modded to include lifetime premium membership for free. Since they don’t come from the original publishers, they are not shared on Google PlayStore like standard applications. Finding a safe and secure source to download the mod is a troublesome task. However, it will be as easy as counting one two three once you get to know about our trusted website. It offers Crunchyroll Mod APK without forcing you to fill any survey or download useless applications.

Premium Membership with Crunchyroll Premium APK

Crunchyroll premium is an upgraded status for those hardcore anime lovers that are willing to go a step ahead of typical viewers. Crunchyroll Premium APK offers exclusive benefits in comparison to the ordinary membership of the app. Once you subscribe to Crunchyroll premium and install the APK file, you will be added to an exclusive list of users that enjoy additional benefits. All the benefits that you can score with a premium membership are listed under the next heading. For the moment, you must know that Crunchyroll Premium comes in two variations: the premium and a premium+ variant.

Crunchyroll Premium benefits

Coming to the most-awaited part, it’s time to explain why every anime lover needs a Crunchyroll premium membership plan. Crunchyroll premium unloads a buffet of exciting features to its users, following are some of them:

  • Members with Premium APK get more dub options for available shows. For example, the free account only boasts the native language in which the show is filmed. With premium membership, you get more dub options for a better viewing experience.
  • Premium users can watch the latest episodes around the same time it is aired, whereas free users have to wait nearly a week before they can watch the newest episode.
  • Free users only have access to a single manga chapter, whereas a premium member can seamlessly enjoy full manga.
  • The most important one, subscribing to a premium membership plan, helps you to get rid of annoying ads that appear every time you start watching a show. If you’re free user, you have to watch ads for 4 minutes in the beginning, followed by regular ads appearing in between the show. This is one of the best benefits one can enjoy with Crunchyroll Premium membership.

If you want to enjoy additional benefits on top of the Crunchyroll Premium membership, you can go a step ahead with the premium+ membership that offers the following benefits in addition to the above ones:

  • Premium+ members receive free shipping on selected products in the Crunchyroll store.
  • Members also enjoy exclusive access to special Premium+ only events at conventions held by Crunchyroll.
  • In the future, new site features during the beta phase of development will be only available for Premium+ members.
  • Crunchyroll keeps adding new benefits for Premium+ members, keep an eye on future announcements if you’re one.


How many devices can use Crunchyroll Premium APK at the same time?

The standard rule says that two users can access one account at the same time. However, if you want more than two people accessing your account, you can always ask Crunchyroll Support for some assistance.

What to do if Crunchyroll Premium APK does not work?

In most cases, Crunchyroll Premium APK will run correctly on your Android device. However, if it’s working abnormally, you can always clear cache and data to check if the app goes back to performing its intended behavior. If it fails even after clearing cache and data, it’s best recommended to uninstall the app and install again.

How much does Crunchyroll premium subscription costs per month?

Crunchyroll Premium subscription is billed at $7.99/month + taxes as compared to Premium+ Membership, which is charged at $11.95/month + taxes.

How to get Crunchyroll Premium free 2019?

Crunchyroll Mod APK is the best way to get Crunchyroll Premium for free. We shared a link to download the mod earlier in the article. With Crunchyroll Mod APK, you get free premium membership and an ad-free watching experience.

How to hack Crunchyroll with Lucky Patcher to access premium content?

According to several threads on XDA developers and other user forums, there is no working way to access premium content. Applications like Lucky Patcher can only be used to hack client-side apps. Since Crunchyroll is a server-side application and all the ads are sponsored directly from the Crunchyroll servers, there’s no way to get rid of ads apart from purchasing a premium membership plan.

Unlimited Unlimited


All applications at are tested and verified before being made available to the users. Crunchyroll Premium Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for Crunchyroll Premium Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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