Criminal Case mod apk

Criminal Case Mod APK – Unlimited Star, Energy and Money

Criminal Case mod apk

NameCriminal Case
PublisherPretty Simple
Latest Version2.30
File Size60.5 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Stars, Energy, and Money
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Criminal Case Mod APK


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Criminal Case (Mod APK) is a popular crime-solving and detective-themed hidden object game developed and published by French Indie Studio, Pretty Simple. The game was initially released on November 15, 2012, for Facebook eventually paved its way into the iOS and Android market also. In straightforward words, the game will give you a chance to fulfill your mystery fantasies by stepping into the shoes of an actual detective and accessing clues to catch the real killer in time.

The available pieces of evidence from the crime scene have to be carefully analyzed and linked up with the potential suspects to catch the actual culprit and restore justice in the society. Every activity related to the crime scene must be completed as soon as possible as the time is always running.

Before coming into the Android platform, the game was already a major hit among the computer users. It tops the charts of Facebook Pages, and even today, the stats reveal that the game receives ten million average monthly users. Criminal Case was awarded as the Facebook Game of the Year 2013 on December 9, 2013. As per the writing of the article, it sports 100 million+ downloads on the Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.6/5.


The main protagonist is a detective who has set out to solve murder cases. The detective solves the cases one by one, and eventually, the journey of the game progresses further. As it’s a hidden object themed genre, the player must search out for necessary clues at the crime scene by clicking the different items. The faster a scene is completed, the more are the scores awarded to the player. The reward is in the form of stars (game currency), which can be further used to conduct critical activities like questioning suspects and examining the evidence.

The developers have tried their best to inculcate a real feel in the game as we get to see autopsies and analysis during the journey of the game, and these activities take a couple of real-life hours to get completed. At the end of each case, the protagonist is presented with the relevant suspects, out of which the main culprit has to be revealed based on the investigation conducted.

If the decision is right, then the case gets solved. But remember that the next case doesn’t get unlocked immediately! The player has to also undergo a post-indictment chapter as then only you will receive the necessary reports to move to the next case. The only exception from this situation is the ones going through tutorial cases as a post-indictment chapter isn’t present for them! If wanted, the past cases are always opened to be replayed for the hustle of rewards.

The player has to face a lot of puzzle elements at the crime scenes right from simple click and drag activities to searching in the garbage bins. There are many other noticeable features, too, like purchasing pets, customizing your avatar, and lots more. To track your progression, you can always refer to ranks and levels. Mainly the game is a single-player affair, but you can anytime rely on the special social features to top the leaderboards of different scenes.

Criminal Case Mod APK – Why is it required?

The Criminal Case (Mega MOD APK) is a better choice than the standard version as here you get access to unlimited energy and clues. This instantly increases your chances of topping the leaderboards of the game. As a detective, the journey of solving the cases becomes more exciting and more comfortable than before. The standard version will take you forever in completing even the simplest of the cases, but the mod apk will have all levels unlocked, including all the cases inside them.

There are many other noticeable features in the mod version, like unlimited stars, money, and cash. Each one of them plays a significant role, but unlimited energy and an endless number of hints are going to be your most important shortcut to success in the game. In no time, you will start noticing that you can solve the cases at a rapid speed, thus increasing your ranking. The game becomes a lot more fun when played with friends, and this is where exactly you can show off your skills of being the best among them (only you know your secret). There’s not even a single reason that wouldn’t make you download and install Criminal Case Mod APK.



While solving out your cases, you are never going to feel bored and stuck anywhere in the scene, as you will have access to unlimited hints and clues that will take your case solving speed to the next level. In a very less period, you will be able to solve several cases than before. As you progress rapidly through the game, the result would be directly reflected through your ranking. Sounds interesting?


To solve the cases, you would require enough supply of energy, and for that, you would have to feed yourself frequently. For the initial period, this may seem like an exciting task, but in the long run, once you get addicted, you will want to progress without taking halts, and that’s where the concept of feeding yourself and gaining energy would irritate you. To properly function your cases, you require energy, so definitely, you can’t avoid it. So, what can you do to tackle the issue? Well, you can install the Criminal Case Mod APK as it provides you unlimited energy supply to effectively progress through the levels.

Money & Cash

If you thought that the game only allowed you to solve crime scenes, then you were wrong. What’s the fun without a little extra stuff for your player? The mod apk provides you unlimited money and coins through which you can customize your player avatar and purchase pets, which can further help you to earn extra rewards like boosting up your final score of the crime scenes. You can also purchase cards, boosters, and snacks, which can act as the power-ups.


The most popular crime-solving game in history is now officially available as a proper app on the Google Play Store. Download and install the Criminal Case Mod APK from our website to step into the shoes of a detective and solve out the most fascinating and mysterious murder cases, based out in real locations. The game gets as realistic as possible, and the fun of playing with your friends is going to keep you hooked to your mobile screens! Download now and find out the actual culprits before it is too late!Unlimited Unlimited


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