Color Switch mod apk

Color Switch Mod APK – Unlimited Stars and Unlocked Levels

Color Switch mod apk

NameColor Switch
PublisherColor Switch Phoenix LLC
Latest Version1.89
File Size39 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlocked level, Unlimited stars
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Color Switch Mod APK


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Can you guess the fastest mobile game in history to reach 50 million downloads? Yes, it’s non-other than Color Switch, one of the most loved games across 150 countries with 200 million total downloads and counting. From the developers of Color Switch comes an overhaul version, Color Switch: Phoenix with a more refreshing concept, design, and graphics. With rocketing over 10 million downloads, Color Switch Phoenix is trending with a 4.3-star rating on Google PlayStore. Want to know more? Read the next section where we dive straight into the gameplay of Color Switch.


Color Switch brings brand new additions to the exciting gameplay. If you have had experience with Color Switch in the past, you know the realm. Tap, tap, tap until you past every obstacle at the given level. However, new modes and levels have been introduced with the re-envisioned version, and we are more excited than ever. Collect stars while completing levels to unlock crazy new balls and make your way to the victory line. Embark on a journey to record a new high score in the endless mode or compete in new levels that are added with every new update. The whole idea of Color Switch sounds perfect. Well, people mess up and so do games. Read in the next section to know why a mod was made for Color Switch, followed by its features in the further article.

Color Switch Mod APK – Why is it required?

“This game is fun, and you can play it when you have nothing to do. Three things though that make it quite annoying are, it has a lot of ads, ads show up every time you want to replay or leave your level to do something else when I click on anything apart from buying something (with stars) it immediately makes my screen freeze for quite a while if this didn’t happen though it would be an extremely wonderful game. I request someone to create a mod version of Color Switch to solve all the issues.”

“This game is so much fun. the only thing I don’t like is that there are too many ads, and u cant skip you have to watch them until the end.”

Color Switch unlimited stars

As you can see, it’s crystal clear from the reviews mentioned above that users have had a bad experience due to excessive occurrences of advertisements in the game. Moreover, most of the users were not able to try out new balls because the sources to earn stars are limited, you can either collect them from levels or purchase them from the in-game store using real money. However, if you want to experience better gameplay with unlimited stars and unlocked levels, you can download Color Switch mod APK. Are you excited to know more? Try Helix Jump Mod APK to get a similar taste? Read in the next section about some to the best features it has to offer.



Star is the only currency in the game, and the only way to buy new balls, trails, and change color of the balls. Not a necessary resource to own but worth trying once. Different balls have different characteristics, including maneuverability, bounce, and other features. Since the only way to obtain stars is by collecting them in levels, it becomes difficult to purchase new balls from the store. However, if you’re looking for an effortless way to get unlimited stars, Color Switch Mod APK is your pick. You can download the mod version to get infinite stars instantly

All levels unlocked

With different modes getting introduced in the Phoenix version, it’s now even more challenging to unlock all levels. New levels are getting added with every update, and the unlocking process can take forever. Luckily, with Color Switch Mod APK, you can unlock all levels in an instant click right away.

In-game ads removed

One of the significant problems with this game has now finally got a solution. Color Switch Mod APK reduces and at times, removes all the annoying in-game ads. Now, you won’t be forced to watch an ad forcefully and can solely focus on the gameplay.

All game modes completed

The game has already been completed once in the Color Switch Mod APK, and you have to replay it. That’s how all the levels are unlocked. This inevitably takes you away from the joy of completing all the levels yourself but gives you the freedom to try any level and any mode at any point in time.

Shop all unlocked

With Color Switch Mod APK, you don’t have to go past a certain level to unlock that crazy looking ball. You can go straight ahead and click the purchase to get the ball instantly, as all shop items are already unlocked.

Gameplay Video


Color Switch is all about timing and patience. It’s about if you can make that tap in the nick of time, it’s about following the color patterns, and it’s about how good you are at hand-eye coordination. This refreshing new mod version brings more challenges, new game modes, all-new graphics, and whole new music tracks. Are you ready for the Tap-Tap? Download the mod now and get your hands on one of the craziest games in the market.Unlimited Unlimited


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