City Racing Lite Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Diamonds (v2.5.3179)

City Racing Lite Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Diamonds (v2.5.3179)

City Racing Lite mod apk

Name City Racing Lite
Publisher 3DGames
Genre Racing
Latest Version 2.5.3179
File Size 44 MB
Features Money, Diamonds
Platforms Android, iOS
City Racing Lite logo

City Racing Lite Mod APK


If you have played City Racing like most of us, you might have noticed issues like overheating and battery drainage. These issues mainly had arisen due to the heavy graphics featured by the game. This not only spoiled the overall gaming experience for its users, but it also kept a lot of users having low-end devices away from the game. Now, a lighter version of the game with decent graphics has been released which is only 39MB in size. The game has already got over 10 million downloads and has settled its place in the Google Play Store with a whopping 4.7-star rating. Moving on to the section, we will discuss the gameplay of City Racing Lite.


Similar to its heavier version, your objective in the game is to compete in real racing competition, perform mad tricks, outstretch drifts and compete against your friends by connecting over a local network. Even due to the compression in size, City Racing Lite doesn’t compromise on graphics and gameplay. You can experience almost the same gameplay without stressing out your phone’s RAM and battery. City Racing Lite supports more Android devices with low-end specifications, which is a great initiative to serve more player. Coming up in the next section is a discussion on why there is a need of the mod version of City Racing Lite.

Why is a mod needed for City Racing Lite?

“ First, when downloaded this game, it was pretty good, and I liked it. And now, this game keeps restarting from the first test drive. Also, the cars are good, but they are just so expensive to buy. Just so many problems I am uninstalling this”

“Every time you race, you need to repair your car… Repair and maintenance costs higher than your rewards from racing… How can you progress with this kind of game? It clearly shows that it’s a MONEY GREEDY game!”

City Racing Lite unlimited coins and dimonds

These are two of the many reviews that complain about how hard it is to progress up in the game. The majority of problems arise due to the improper reward system in the game. You are forced to spend real money because you cannot manage your expenses using the standard level rewards. This can be tackled using City Racing Lite Mod APK which rewards you with unlimited money, diamonds and unlocks all the fancy cars in the game. Keep a close eye on the article because, in the next part, we will be unwinding the features of City Racing Lite Mod APK.


Money or Coins are the primary currency in the game. It is used for almost all purchases in the game, whether it is car parts from the shop or unlocking new cars from the station area. The mod version of the lite edition has been created based on these resources.

Unlimited Money

You read in the previous section about the inaccurate reward system of the game that forces you to spend real money. This whole scenario is imposed on its users because you receive insufficient in-game currency in your account. This game can be resolved using City Racing Lite Mod APK where you earn unlimited money for free. You can use unlimited money to upgrade and repair your car.

Unlimited Diamonds

An uncommon currency in the game is diamond. Earned by watching ads and purchasing from the in-game store, diamonds can give you a tough time. With City Racing Lite Mod APK, you will receive unlimited diamonds that you can use to purchase new cars and resume a failed level.

All cars Unlocked

City Racing Lite has a lot of supercars that you can try your hands on. However, these can be purchased using diamonds or money, depending on the car. Insufficient funds can limit your option of vehicles and keep you away from the real gaming experience. With the mod for City Racing Lite, you will get all cars unlocked without even leveling up. Easy, right?


With City Racing Lite’s Mod, all cars can be upgraded easily without much effort. This feature will help you level up faster than before and compete in the racing championships with a strong position.

Gameplay Video


City Racing Lite mod apk is a great option to check out if you are looking for a light racing game with decent graphics. There is still a scope of improvement in the game, like custom controls can be added in the setting to let the user choose, transitions can be smoother while performing a drift, and stability of the app can be increased to avoid frequent crashes. Overall, it is a fantastic game that competes well with its alternatives. Drive ahead and race to win!

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