Brothers in Arms 3 mod apk

Brothers in Arms 3 Mod APK – Unlimited Money, Gold and Energy

Brothers in Arms 3 mod apk

NameBrothers in Arms® 3
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Version1.5.0d
File Size47 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold, Energy and Medals
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Brothers in Arms Mod APK


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Brothers in Arms 3 (Mod APK) is a third-person tactical shooter video game based on the World War II era. The game has been developed and published by Gameloft and was released for Android on December 11, 2014. It is the third and most recent installment of the Brothers in Arms series, a sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front. The storyline of the game is similar to its prequel and is set against the backdrop of the liberation of Western Europe during World War II in 1944.

The game isn’t an open-world shooter like Gangstar New Orleans; instead, it can be described as a cover-based “on-rails” shooter. On-rails shooter games proceed along a fixed path. The player controls are limited to directing where to aim and fire or move the character to take cover against enemy fires. A perfect example of the “On-rails” shooter is Frontline Commando 2 (Mod APK). The game is about cooperation, coordination, planning, and pacing with other fellow soldiers (brothers), thus making it an excellent choice for someone looking for a military combat game. Along with with the storyline based missions, the game also features side missions in which the players can unlock more weapons and gather essential resources like money and gold. Some enemy soldiers using an anti-air weapon can be found during side missions.

The game is praised for its above-average graphics (for a mobile title) but is highly critical of the controls. Getting from cover to cover is a difficult task as the game exposes the players on certain occasions even when they are behind an object. To resolve this issue, some game enthusiasts created the mod version of Brothers in Arms 3.

The game has received mixed reviews through its community with Meta critics giving a 60% score and TouchArcade awarding it a score of 3.5 out of five. However, over one million users of the app of Google Play gave this game an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.


Brother in Arms 3 contains almost every element that a gamer will ever look in for a mobile shooting game. It’s based on the idea of the WW2 series, where you can play through eight chapters by selecting your favorite brother for the battle. When it comes to the graphics, Gameloft has blown away everyone by their sheer brilliance. They have created a game on par with the video game consoles, and if things are progressing at this speed, then the future of mobile gaming from Gameloft’s end is going to be quite bright.

It’s a cross-platform game, but it’s also important to mention that not all Android phones are supported. We know this sounds a bit strange, but this is how it is! In our testing, we found that a lot of high-end devices were also showing issues while running the game. It’s just like any other standard shooting game where you can move around for covers and get the weapon ready for aim by sliding your finger around the screen. The target will be automatically looked upon the system; all you have to do is tap on the shoot button so that you can smoothly take down your enemy.

There are different kinds of weapons that a player can choose from, and these weapons have been categorized mainly in four categories: SMG, rifle, Sniper, assault. As you earn money by completing missions, you can spend it on upgrading your weapons. Other than this, there are a lot of different tools and features that will keep you hooked to your smartphone screen. The number of experimental, blueprints, and weapons are going to get you crazy in a snap!

Brother in Arms 3 Mod Apk – Why is it required?

Free to play games are often either very short or massively hampered by paywalls and in-app purchases, and so is the case with Brothers in Arms. Everything from guns to combat equipment is limited unless you make purchases. With advancing levels, the game forces you to resort to spending by prompting you with various offers on increasing your gold, money, energy, and medal collection.

Brothers in Arms 3 unlimited money, gold, energy and medals

On our website, you will find the modified version of the standard Brother in Arms 3, which is listed on the Google Play Store. If you don’t like spending real or physical cash for in-game purchases, then you should try our Highly Compressed Brother in Arms 3 Mod APK and its OBB. Our mod version provides you unlimited gold, money, and coins so that you can purchase whatever you wish to inside the game.

All of the significant weapons would be unlocked instantly whenever you would like to. Typically, through the standard version of the game, it’s tough to acquire all the weapons as you would have to work a lot hard. Plus, the games developed by Gameloft are designed to extract money out of your pockets. In the initial phases, you will enjoy playing Brothers in Arms 3, but as you progress further and reach to a few higher levels, you will understand that to sustain at the top for a long period, you will have to make purchases through real money.

The mod version even includes unlimited medals, which act as a sign of achievement and accomplishments. You can use these unlimited medals feature to flaunt in front of your friends. There’s the unlimited energy feature, too, that will keep you energized throughout your battle gameplay. With Brothers in Arms 3 Mod Apk, the journey of playing the shooting game becomes a lot exciting and fun!



At first, you may think that there’s enough amount of energy required for you to play your missions, but as you reach the higher levels, the demand for more power will become evident. This is because you would face a lot of difficulties with the higher-level mission, which requires you to operate on your maximum strength. At such time, Brother in Arms 3 Mod Apk comes to the rescue by providing the players with unlimited energy capacity. This means that a player could go on and on playing missions till he/she desires without worrying about energy refilling.


In the game, nothing comes for free of cost! If you want to make purchases of any kind, you will have to have the right amount of game currency. With the standard version, you will have to play hard to earn game currency or spend real cash for the in-app purchases. Mod Apk makes it easier for the players to progress ahead in their journey as it provides them unlimited money. So, whenever they have to purchase something, they can do it instantly.


This is another type of game currency which is required mainly for upgradations and specific purchases. It’s essential that you even have unlimited gold as then only you will be able to keep your all unlocked weapons up to date. The next time you head out for a mission, you won’t have a fear of losing out as you have fully upgraded weapons on your side, ready to tackle the enemies at any moment.


Medals are quite hard to get and using them, you can finish up your upgradations faster. If you have unlimited medals in your account, then you can upgrade every item within seconds. Medals are one of the most precious elements of the game as it comes to the rescue when the time is less, and you need to get done with a lot of upgradations as soon as possible.


Brother in Arms 3 Mod Apk is a brilliant shooting game that’s said to be set during the last days of World War 2. We have personally tried the game, and compared to its previous versions (which were based on the first-person shooter), this one seems to be a lot better and bigger. The developers had worked a lot hard on the graphics as in 2014 when the game was released, there weren’t many games with such graphics, and the best part of all is that the game carries its demand even today when there are so many similar games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc.Unlimited Unlimited


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