people playing bombsquad

BombSquad Multiplayer Game Guide and Remote App

people playing bombsquad

BombSquad is fun, and we all know it.

And when you add multiple players to the game, be it your friend or a stranger online.
The excitement level jumps off the charts.

Sweaty hands increased heart rate, and you are all set to punch, blow, and throw them off a cliff.

But Wait…

How do I host and play BombSquad? What do I need to do to set multiplayer online and offline game? How to use the BombSquad Remote app?

There must be a lot of questions running in your mind. Don’t worry in this tutorial you will know all about BombSquad’s Multiplayer connection management, be it setting the remote controller or playing the game on Android TV or a Mac. We will cover all so that you can enjoy the game.

bombsquad online multiplayer

Modes of Playing BombSquad

If you had gone through the “Gather” section of the app, you would have known that it lets you play the game in a variety of ways. The same undermentioned modes will be available on the iOS version of BombSquad once it is released. We will explain to you each of these methods.

BombSquad multiplayer modes

Here are the ones you will mostly use:

  • Internet – You can join a public party where you will find players from around the globe, or you can host a party of your own.
  • Google Play – In this option, you can invite your Google Play
    friends or accept invitations from them.
  • Local Network – You don’t need an internet connection for this method. Gather all your friends and create a LAN network on phone or PC and enjoy. You can also use WiFi Direct to create the network.
  • Manual – Here, you can join a party by address. Just share your IP address with your friends and open a port in your router. This works for both online and offline play.

Now we will explain to you how each of these methods works.

Playing with Friends without the Internet

bombsquad offline multiplayer

Probably the best way to enjoy BombSquad is to connect using LAN WiFi connection. Why? Because offline connections are Lag-free and you don’t have to do much to set up the game network. All you need is a few friends with Android Phone or PC and BombSquad apk in each of those phones. One of the players has to host the game by turning on WiFi Hotspot, and others have to join the network.

Make sure all devices are running on the same version of BombSSqaud, or you may face compatibility and game lag issues.

Hosting a game

Follow these steps in one of the devices to create a party.

  1. Turn on your device’s portable hotspot.
  2. Open the Bombsquad app.
  3. Ask other players to join the game.

Note: For hosting the BombSquad game, it is recommended that you create the hotspot from the device with maximum RAM and a better processor for the smooth gaming experience.

hosting offline game in bombsquad using local network

Joining a game

Steps for connecting to a party.

  1. Connect to the host’s Wifi access point.
  2. Go to “Gather.”
  3. Select the “Local Network” tab.
  4. You should be able to see a party name on the list. Tap on it to join the game. If you can find the party continues reading for another offline manual method.

From here on, the host has to tap on “Play” and choose from “Single Player,” “Teams,” or “Free-for-all.” In Single-player mode, all the players have to compete against the CPU, and in rest two, you have to team up to fight against each other.

BombSquad team selection
Tap on the right and left the side of the controller to select a team.

Now, you all can play deathmatches, ice hockey, punch each other right between the teeth and throw bombs on each other(try the sticky ones, those are difficult to get rid of).

Manual Hosting through IP addresses

The manual method comes handy when you are not able to find other devices for offline play in the Local Networks section. If you have an Internet connection, then it can also let you play online with distant friends.

hosting through IP address

Follow the undermentioned procedure to manually host BombSquad game parties for the online/offline game.

  1. Open the BombSquad application and connect to the internet.
  2. Select “Gather.”
  3. Choose “Manual” tab.
  4. Click on “Show my address.”
  5. Check to see if you are joinable form the internet. If yes, then share your internet address and not local address with the friend whom you want to play this game with.
  6. If the app shows “NO” besides “Are you Joinable from the internet?” then you need to forward port 43210 from your router. We will explain how to forward ports below.
  7. If you want to play offline multiplayer only then share the local address with your friends and ask them to type it in “Address” text box.

That’s it. You are done for the offline play. Continue to check the port forwarding task.

UDP Port Forwarding in BombSquad

  1. To forward UDP port to your local address, Open your browser and go to your default gateway for your router by typing the address in the search bar. For mine, it’s
    “”. Login by supplying the credentials. Username – admin.
  2. Under the tab “Advanced Setup,” select “NAT” and go to “virtual server.” You will need to create another rule.
  3. Select rule index = 4, protocol as UDP, start port no and end port no = 43210, local IP address = Exact local IP address as given in your app, start and end local port
    numbers(Local) = 43210.
  4. Tap on Save. Close the browser.
  5. Now you can give your public IP to your friends( the second IP under gather>Manual>Show my address) who will type this under Gather>Manual>Address text field to connect to your phone. Then you could create a party by tapping the top-right icon of green-colored robots.

BombSquad Multiplayer Online Gaming

Play BombSquad via game servers over the internet, with other players around the world. There is never a time when you won’t find players to play this game against. It’s pretty hard to join a game as there are always players waiting too long for online server entry. The servers run 24/7 to allow you to connect with pre-configured parties.

bombsquad join a public party

Here is how to play Bombsquad online:

  1. Open BombSquad app.
  2. Tap on “Gather.”
  3. Select the “Internet” tab.
  4. Tap on “Join a public party.”
  5. Now choose a party name with party size less than the Max possible size.
  6. Also for lag-free gaming choose a party that has lower ping drop.

You might have to wait in line if other people are trying to join the same party. Once a player leaves the party, you will be joined.

How to host a public party?

Hosting an online party is easy; you can use your device as the server for allowing connections to establish. But make sure you have a good internet connection with low ping drop. For best results, set up a dedicated server.

Online public party creation for multiplayer gaming

Follow these steps to host BombSquad game and create your online party:

  1. In the “Gather” section select “Internet” tab.
  2. Tap on “Host a Public Party.”
  3. Give a name for your party.
  4. Decide the Max party size.
  5. Finally, tap on the button that says, “Make My Party Public.”

Wait for the app to show if you are joinable from the Internet. Once players start joining your party, you can begin the game.

A quick tip: Keep the party size small. Lesser the number of players in the game more will be your frames per seconds hence making gameplay more smooth. You can increase the maximum party size using BombSquad mod APK.

BombSquad Multiplayer with Google Play

In this option, you can invite your Google Play friends or accept invitations from them. This method comes handy when you only want to play BombSquad with some friend that is away from your place and don’t want to let any other player join your game.

bombsquad online multiplayer through google play

Here is how you get your friends joined in

  1. Open “Gather.”
  2. Choose “Google Play.”
  3. Hit on the “Invite” button.
  4. Enter the name of the friend you want to play with or select him from the list.
  5. Ask your friend to check the “See Invites” section under the same tab and choose it.
  6. Select the type of game you want to play from the main screen and enjoy.

BombSquad Offline Single-Player

BombSquad single player

Without the internet and when you are alone, you can try the Single Player mode wherein you compete against ninjas, pirates, barbarians, insane chefs, and other bots that are controlled by the device. Putting the player against preprogrammed challenges or AI-controlled opponents (which lack the flexibility of human thought).

To start a single-player game, do this:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Tap on “Play.”
  3. Select “Single Player/ Co-op”.
  4. Choose a campaign and start punching and throwing bombs.

If you are connected to the internet, in the single-player mode you can play in BombSquad tournaments. Each tournament has some entry charges. You have to spend your tickets to enter the competition. If you win the tournament, you get bonus tickets for free. There is also a trick through which you can enter the tournament without spending tickets. Just watch a video, and you will get free entry.

Using the BombSquad Remote app (BSRemote) to Play on TV and PC

BombSquad game on TV with remote app

BombSquad Remote app lets you use your phone or tablet as a controller for BombSquad game on your TV or PC. A maximum of 8 players can connect and play BombSquad at once on a single TV, tablet or PC. There is no need of a Joystick all you need to do download BombSquad remote app from PlayStore and install it on your Android phone.

BombSquad Remote app works by connecting you to your PC or TV when both the devices are on the same network. Your Android or Mac TV needs to connect to the same WiFi network that your Android phone is connected to. Once the connection is established open BombSquad remote apk, and you will find your TV’s name on the list, just tap on it and you are ready to play.

bombsquad game remote app connection between laptop and phone

Let’s understand how to connect the BombSquad remote.

  1. Download and install the BSRemote app from PlayStore.
  2. Connect your TV/PC and Android phone to the same Wifi network.
  3. If you don’t have a Wifi network nearby, then you can create Hotspot on the phone and connect TV/PC with it.
  4. Now, run the BombSquad app on TV/PC and BomSquad remote app on your phone.
  5. In the remote app, you will find the name of your TV, click on it.
  6. The TV and Phone are now connected.

Note: The same procedure will work for connecting BSremote to Mac. Remember BombSquad on PC is required in addition to the remote app for setting up the connection.

Watch this video of Eric connecting 24 controllers to a Mac for multiplayer gameplay.

BombSquad Remote Not working

Sometimes there might be compatibility issues with the BSRemote app and your smart TV. These issues generally occur when you misconfigure the connection settings. If you carefully follow the steps mentioned above, you won’t find any problem in setting up the BombSquad Remote app.

bombsquad remote app interface

If you are not able to connect and you think that you set up everything correctly, then you may have to use the Join by address method. Open BombSquad remote app and tap on the three dots present on the top left corner. Select join by address and check your TV’s gather option for the Local IP address. Enter the IP into the remote app, and it should connect you to the TV or PC whichever you are trying to establish connections with.

The remote app might also not work if the connection lag is higher than 0.08 seconds. You will not experience real-time movements in the game. To keep the delay smaller remove any object placed between your WiFi router and Phone and also between WiFi router and TV.

And while your Download for BombSquad app or remote is in progress, enjoy this multiplayer gameplay video from PewDiePie.

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