BombSquad mod with unlimited free tickets, health and unlocked characters

BombSquad Mod APK – Unlimited Tickets and Health (v1.37)

BombSquad mod with unlimited free tickets, health and unlocked characters

PublisherEric Froemling
Latest Version1.4.150
File Size23 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Tickets, health, characters
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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BombSquad Mod APK


4.5/5 - (330 votes)

Everyone wants some competitions in a game, and that’s where PvP shooters overpower single person shooter games. Even though we have seen plenty of PvP games, we never seem to get enough of it. We are always looking for new multiplayer games that are more challenging. One such game is BombSquad, which is an explosive arcade-style party game consisting of several mini-games such as Capture the Flag, Hockey, Football, and many more. Made by Eric Froemling, a VFX artist and an indie game developer, BombSquad has crossed 10 million downloads on Google Playstore. Rated at 4.5 stars by nearly 7.5 million users, the game is among the most underrated games on Android.


Jump, punch, throw, and bomb your way to victory. Your only objective in the game is to eliminate all your opponents by hurling bombs at them. But the game is not as simple as it sounds. You have to harness your mastery of physics to be able to have a precise and concentrated bombardment at your enemies. You can also charge in and toss them off the nearest cliff. BombSquad offers a wide range of bombs such as Triple-bomb, Ice-bomb, trigger-bomb, Sticky-bomb, and Land mine. These bombs appear in the form of powerups and have to be collected within 5 seconds of their appearance.

BombSquad gameplay

The game offers three gaming modes, Co-ops, Teams, Free-for-all, and online multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode works with offline as well as online networked players for up to 8 users. The user limit can be extended to up to 99 using the mod, but it will increase network lag.  The game also offers an option to engage in online brawls against real players from around the world. The online gameplay requires you to spend tickets, which is a form of currency in the game. Tickets are also used to unlock characters and new battlefields, reviving health, purchasing powerups, and customizing characters. Tickets can be collected by winning battles watching in-game ads, sharing it with friends, or by downloading BombSquad mod apk.  BombSquad offers seven different mini-games ranging from racing to flying. The most popular among all the mini-games is football, where you can play football with explosives. The most challenging part of the game is its controls. A new player will find it hard to learn the controls and perform targeted moves. This is where the mod version and developer mode of the game comes in. The developer mode allows you to add more mini-games and tweak the game for the best performance. You can play around with the characters, player limitations, and a lot more with the developer settings, we will talk about it in the next paragraph.


The developers of BombSquad Pro were kind enough to share the BombSquad Python API and BombSquad Changelog with its users. Using these documents, one can learn to tweak and refine the game, add your mini-games, add characters, and create their own BombSquad mod apk. The link to all the tutorials will be at the end of this section. Using these modding guides, you will be able to remove the eight-player limit, learn an introduction to Game Scripts, write your first mini-game, learn about core concepts, a meteor shower and create other exciting co-ops games. However, we want you to proceed further only if you have a sufficient amount of knowledge in Python language as BombSquad is scripted in Python. You can check the developer section and modding guides here.

BombSquad Mod APK – Why is it required?

“This game is great for players who have learned the controls, but it is damn hard for the newbies. The onslaught training was okay, but the second football one was unfair because when we score a goal, a new guy comes up, and why don’t we get an extra? Common, it’s hard for the newbies. So please make it a bit easier. This game is perfect, except for a few things like limited tickets and hard controls.”

“It could use more Maps and characters that cost a little less. Also, bigger maps that have detail.”

BombSquad unlimited tickets

By reading the mentioned reviews above, you can form a basic idea that the game gets harder as you advance. Also, the characters are a bit costly, so it’s hard to try your hands on new ones until you decide to dedicate a whole lot of time to this game. All of these problems can be tackled using BombSquad mod apk and the developer modding that we mentioned in the last section. BombSquad Mod APK will give you access to unlimited in-game resources like tickets, health, characters, and powerups. The developer mode will open your possibilities to explore more options in the game, like lifting the restriction of 8 players, adding new characters, building new maps, and much more. In the next section, we will discuss some of the critical features of the mod that make it an ultra mega mod of BombSquad.

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To make the game more straightforward, the Pro version of BombSquad’s mod, also known as the god mod, offers the following features.


A ticket is like an in-game currency in BombSquad. It is a pass to play the game in online multiplayer mode. With each match you play, several tickets will be charged based on your current level. Tickets are also used to purchase characters and powerups from the game as well as to unlock maps. Tickets can be collected by watching ads (15 tickets/ad and a maximum of 200 tickets a day), sharing the game with friends, and by downloading BombSquad mod APK. If you are planning to play all day long with all the characters unlocked, then you need more than just a few tickets. Get unlimited tickets with the god mod of BombSquad.

Please note: All online BombSquad ticket generators are fake, and you should avoid using them.


For newbies, it is hard to dodge the bombs as the controls are difficult to handle. A player, especially a new one, can take damage from no more than three bombs nearby. This results in frequent Health point lose, and eventually, the player loses the match points. Busting the problem, you can use the unlimited health feature to empower your character with infinite HP. Once this feature is activated, your player will never die, no matter how many bombs explode on you.


If you have played BombSquad before, it should be in your knowledge that each player is given a limited number of bombs. Every subsequent bomb can only be thrown after 5 seconds. In this duration of 5 seconds, the opponent player might defeat you by punching or throwing a grenade. Also, once you have exhausted all of your bombs, you can wait for bombs to drop on the ground and then collect them or punch your enemies in the meantime. If you’re not so good at boxing or throwing players off the cliff, we recommend you download BombSquad Mod APK. The mod will get unlimited bombs that can be thrown very frequently.

All Characters Unlocked

The second review that we mentioned in the last to last section explained how difficult it is to unlock and get a new character. However, if you don’t wish to struggle for the same, you can download BombSquad Mod APK and unlock all characters for free. The mod unlocks all the 30 characters such as Kronk, Zoe, Jack Morgan, Mel, Snake Shadow, Bones, Bernard, Agent Johnson, and the most expensive one B-9000. These characters will be unlocked for the “Hard-mode” as well.

One Punch Kill

Ever heard of Saitama? Featured in the anime series One Punch Man, Saitama is known to knock his enemies out in a single punch. We can’t give you his abilities because that would be unfair, but we can give your character to defeat his enemies in a single blow.

Gameplay Video


During the last 5 minutes of reading, we went through the gameplay, why a mod is required for BombSquad and some of the critical features of the mod. By reading all of it, you can pick your version of the game, whether you wish to go with the original one or want to opt for the mod version. Mod version opens the possibilities to add new characters, maps, unlock the pro version, and tweak the game to your convenience. Without further delay, download yourself a copy of this mod and enjoy BombSquad like never before.Unlimited Unlimited


All applications at are tested and verified before being made available to the users. BombSquad Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for BombSquad Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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