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BombSquad for iOS – Is it Available? [Check Here]

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You must have seen people playing BombSquad on PC or Android Phones but never found it on the AppStore for iOS. Is BombSquad for iOS in the beta mode or is it even available? If Yes, then where can you download this game so that it can be played on iPhones as well.

Let’s Find out!

BombSquad was released way back in 2011 by Eric Froemling. Eric is a VFX artist and an indie game developer making the game BombSquad all by himself. He started developing BombSquad purely as a hobby back when he was finishing up his art school. The game was first released for download on Mac and then for other platforms.

Video of BombSquad on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The following video teaser of BombSquad on iOS device was released way back in 2012 by Eric himself. So it’s highly likely that the game is up for download on App Store.

“But why can’t I find a link for downloading it on my iPhone.”

According to Eric, the beta version of BombSquad is ready, and the IPA file will be released for all once the Network Play is debugged, but you can download the pre-release version.

BombSquad for Mac – Download Link

Bombsquad running on iMac and Eric Froemling talking about the game
Eric Froemling’s interview on BombSquad.

Mac was the first system where BombSquad was developed. All the debugging and feature addition was first done on a Mac by Eric about 15 years ago. During BombSquad’s development, there was a time when Eric left this game to collect dust off the shelf. Eric was never in the mindset of getting BombSquad out in public or monetize it. Later, when he got his first iPhone, it made him start all over again on BombSquad’s development. From BombSquad’s Mac version the developer began his work on the Android counterpart of this game. Once the game got its very talked-about feature, “Network Play,” it was ported to other platforms like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS.

Installation on Mac

Follow these steps to download and install BombSquad.

  • Download BombSquad compressed(zip) file from here.
  • Unzip the file using software like WinRAR.
  • Execute the application by double-clicking on the DMG and APP file.
  • Alternatively, you can install it through the Mac App Store by clicking here.

BSRemote App for iOS – Turn iPhone into GamePad

BombSquad Remote app on iphone

BSRemote app on iPhone 6

Playing BombSquad with the keyboard is a little uneasy. Also, you won’t find a USB gamepad with most of the casual gamers. That’s where the idea of turning your smartphone into a full-fledged controller comes in. The BSRemote app turns any smartphone (Android or iOS) into a wireless remote controller. Using the BombSquad remote app is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is download and install it on your iOS device. The app works by connecting to the same WiFi network that your Mac is connected with. The remote layout is the same on both iPhone and Android smartphone.

How to install BombSquad Remote App on iPhone 5/5s/6

Installing BombSquad Remote app on iPhone 5 and 5s is pretty much same but requires an extra bit of efforts to do it on iPhone 6.

Here is how you can quickly get the app up and working on your phone.

  • Download BombSquad Remote IPA file from this Direct link or App Store.
  • Install the app giving it all the permissions that it requires.
  • Once installed head over to your Mac or Apple TV and connect it the local WiFi network.
  • Open the Remote app connect it to the local network as well.
  • Tap on the name of your computer, and the connection will get established.

Take a look at this video on how to connect the Remote app and MacBook.

Development Story

In a personal interview, Eric told that he has been working on this game for ten years now. He started it out as a hobby and began the work by trying to create a game where one little square attacks the another. The part-time development turned out to be a year-long project.

Here is what he said when asked about BomSquad, “I just wrote it as something to play with my friends at our little dorky get-togethers. I enjoy creating models, so everything in the game – whether it’s a character or a set is created in real life and then brought into the game, which gives it a unique style.”

Years after the game’s completion, Eric bought it onto various distributive platforms like PlayStore as an APK version and Mac App Store. The game is now a livelihood for Eric.

BombSquad Official Release Date for iOS on App Store

When Eric was done creating the game on Mac OS and Android, he chooses Android over iOS first because of Android’s massive market share as much as 86.2%, and the developer started his work on iOS. BombSquad was almost ported to iOS, and at the same time, Eric got to know about Ouya, which is an Android-based micro-console for gaming. Eric paused all the development work that he was doing to get the game on iPhone and iPads and started working out with the Ouya team. At that time BombSquad was not ready for online gaming, and Ouya offered him to place the game on their console for local multiplayer. This shuffle in the development made Eric rest the development.

So, BombSquad is yet to be released for iOS. The full game is believed to be released next year, though Eric does not confirm the official dates. But one thing is assured that BombSquad will be free to download from App Store with some in-app purchases.

More words from Eric:

“I’m still working on network-play, which is the main thing holding me back from releasing BombSquad on iOS. If you’d like to help beta test recent builds, email me at [email protected]. I may look into PS3/PS4 etc. soon.”

Sit back and relax while Eric cooks up the game for you and enjoy this interview where he talks about BombSquad and his journey so far.

Games like BombSquad for iOS

While the real BombSquad game is released on App Store, we have created a list of games that are similar to BombSquad and available for iOS.

But before getting into the list let’s clear it that these games won’t deliver the exact experience that you would otherwise have with BombSquad. These games have a few features that resemble that of BombSquad.

Bombing Bastards

Don’t go with the name. Bombing Bastards is the kind of game that would create a nostalgic feeling by reminding you about Bomberman game.

The game is much like Bomberman in terms of gameplay but with high-end graphics. It features 30 different mazes where you have to find enemies by blasting off obstacles. For every hit, you get reward points with which you can modify the range of the bomb. As you advance in the game, you will have to face enemies who have far more power than you.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Windows.

Download it here.

(List will be updated soon to include for games.)

You can also try Nintendo based games on your iPhone through emulators.

Also, comment below if you have any message for Eric, a response or a query you have on BombSquad for iPhone(iOS) will be forwarded to him.Unlimited Unlimited


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