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Bike Race Free Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Unlocked Bikes

Bike Race Free

NameBike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Racing Games
PublisherTop Free Games.
Latest Version7.8.0
File Size32 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlocked Bikes
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Bike Race Free Mod APK


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Bike Race Free (Mod APK) is a 2D side-scrolling physics-based bike racing game. It was released for iOS and Android in April 2012  by Top Free Games, a Brazilian developer group. The game lets players race through a looping, stunt-filled track where their goal is to reach the finish line in the least amount of time without falling off. As the player clears through the races, new bikes are unlocked and coins are rewarded which can be used for vehicular upgrades. While motorbikes are involved, this game isn’t a race in the traditional sense. The objective is to complete each track as quickly as possible.

The graphics are simple, which are colorful, bold and consist of tracks made up of red lines and a parallax scrolling background. With every map, the background image changes along with the nature of the tracks change. The tracks tend to include hills, jumps, valleys, and even loop-the-loops. Bike Race Free’s gameplay is somewhat similar to Hill Climb Racing.

The game received generally somewhat favorable reviews with a 4.4-star rating by close to three million reviewers. Looking at the success of Bike Race Free the developers also created Bike Race Pro which is a paid version of the game with no ads and more tracks.


Bike Race Free is a physics-based platformer in which reaching the finish line is not enough. Completing each track in the best possible time frame is counted. The game features two modes, single-player and a false-multiplayer. Players can quickly and easily log in with their facebook profile to challenge their friends or random opponents.

The game’s everlasting popularity stems from its multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode isn’t done in real-time. You record a race and send it to them, then they race against your ghost, and send back another race. You set a time on a track and then your opponent gets three opportunities to beat the time. Play then continues passing back and forth between them until one of the two players’ three chances is eliminated. This way players indulge in a turn-based asynchronous competition.

The learning curve of the game is simple. Players control the bike’s acceleration and braking by pressing and holding the right and half of the screen respectively. When in the air the rotation of the bike can be controlled by tilting the device to left or right. These accelerometer-based controls might seem difficult at first but with a few falls, players will get it right.

Bike Race Free Mod APK – Why is it required?

The game itself is free, but there are ads that display when you’re not in a race and a lot of in-app purchases. Ads are not intrusive, but they can be removed for $0.99 in the in-game store. There are several other in-app purchases available, although their prices are so ridiculously high. Kids Mode bike goes for $12.99, Super Bike for $19.99, and Ultra Bike for  $29.99. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a penny if you download Bike Race Mod APK.

These elements have something of an air of “pay to win” about them, which is a little disappointing — particularly given the price of the “Super Bike” — but skilled players will likely be able to achieve victory through superior technique. But for those who do not want to spend their hard-earned money on virtual items, there is a modified version of the game named Bike Race Free Mod APK. Bike Race Free Mod APK unlocks all in-game bikes for free. These bikes are also upgraded to their best potential. Other Bike accessories are also unlocked with the mod.


Bike Race Free Mod APK offers the following set of features.


Gold coins also referred to as the in-game money is used to unlock some of the bikes in the game. Coins are collected every time you win a race. Coins can also be spent on upgrading bike parts. With Bike Race Mod APK you get unlimited money. This money can be spent on a variety of items available in the game’s shop.

All Bikes Unlocked

The features a total of 140 different bikes. These bikes start to unlocked once you reach level 20. But reaching this level with a good bike is very tough if you haven’t played any such game. To make the easier for new players all bikes are unlocked by default in the mod version of the.


Turn the key, kick the starter, pull the throttle and push the envelope on the bike ride of your life. Enjoy the realistic bike physics and discover why professional BMX racers and motocross fans love their sport. Enjoy the fast-paced gameplay and the smooth bike physics simulation. You will be amazed by the responsiveness of the bike controls. This game has one of the best side-scrolling racing game physics. With Bike Race Mod APK the game becomes even more enjoyable. Try every unlocked bike and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

 Unlimited Unlimited


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