Best Fiends mod apk

Best Fiends Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Diamonds, Moves) v7.1.1

Best Fiends mod apk

NameBest Fiends – Free Puzzle Game
PublisherSeriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Latest Version7.4.0
File Size107 MB
FeaturesDiamonds, Gold, Moves
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Best Fiends Mod APK


3.7/5 - (12 votes)

Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. has walked into the smartphone gaming industry with some of the top-rated casual games. One of their widely talked tile-matching video game is Best Fiends. It is a top-rated free puzzle game that revolves around a cute creature of the Minutia World. The game has already crossed 10 million downloads, and thousands of users are joining the community every day. You can compete against your Facebook friends, play daily events, and win something exciting every time you open the game. The in-game reward system (diamonds) is appreciated by plenty of people who have taken the rating of Best Fiends to 4.7 stars on Google PlayStore. To know more on why this game is winning hearts, roll down to the next heading.


The story starts with a meteor smashing into the Mount Boom where all the little creatures of Minutia lived peacefully. The disaster brought a strange force that transformed the tiny slugs into an army of greenery-gobbling pests. The evil army is now taking over the world of Minutia and slenderizing everything on their way. Join a band of heroes who are fighting back. Left alone on a territory mostly controlled by the slugs, these champions are on a heroic pursuit to defeat the slugs and return to their happy lives again. To solve the mystery of Mount Boom, they will need to become BEST FIENDS.

Why is a mod needed for Best Fiends?

“for the annoying pop-ups that accidentally cost me 150 gold. This game used to be awesome before because it was free. Now, it is just a bunch of advertising schemes that constantly push you to buy this that and the other. watch a 30-sec ad every 15 minutes. no, just no.”

“It’s just hard enough to keep things interesting, but after 250 something levels, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist making purchases to help you stay in the game. They have strategically planned many aspects of the game around this inevitably happening, such as ALWAYS having an additional nine gold (i.e., 19) so that when you use ten gold for another five moves, you have 9 !!!! not ten left and HAVE to purchase more to use what is ALWAYS leftovers. Frustrating. But it is what it is.”

Best Fiends unlimited gold and diamonds (1)

These are two of many statements of dissatisfactions related to the game on Google Play. Producers of the game have strategically planned every aspect of the game. This game grows incredibly tricky once you’ve passed around 250 levels. The demand for more diamonds, moves, and energy becomes extremely crucial to grow or at least sustain in the game. This apparently gives rise to Best Fiends Mod APK, also known as the Mega mod. The mod helps player rescue all the fiends as well as unlock all the 2000 levels by offering unlimited moves, diamonds, and energy. Using the diamonds, a player can unlock all the characters while endless moves will allow them to complete the goals very quickly.


Best Fiends offers a lot of consumables like Diamonds, Gold, Energy, and moves. As a player advances in the game, the need for these consumable resources increases quite a few folds. Best Fiends Mod APK provides all these resources in unlimited quantity, making it easier for players to shuffle titles and reach their goals. Here is a list of features of the mod and what they do for you in the game.


Diamonds (gems) can be used to purchase powerups, which will help you to complete a level in the given number of moves. In the earlier section, we told you how difficult it is to complete a level without using powerups after you have advanced in the game. Therefore, it is recommended to enjoy the benefits of Best Fiends Mega Mod APK, which supplies you with unlimited diamonds.


With Best fiends Mod APK, you will receive unlimited moves to complete any given level. Make sure to use this feature carefully as you don’t want to end up in a deadlock situation where no more shuffles can be made.


One bar of energy will be consumed with every level. Full energy has 30 bars, and once they are exhausted, you have to wait until they regenerate over time. The game is extremely addicting and will make you tempted to play non-stop, the average playtime for this game is 2 hours and twenty minutes. With Best fiends Mod APK, you will receive unlimited energy that will help you to play for as long as you want.

Free Unlimited Gold

Gold can be used to get extra moves. Because we already have unlimited moves with this mod, there aren’t many areas in the game where they can be used. However, you can use gold to purchase other in-game items.

All levels unlocked

There are over 2000 levels in the game, each of which can only be unlocked after you have passed its previous one. Most of the players leave the game just because they are not able to pass a few levels. If you don’t want to be in my place, I am sure that you can take advantage of Best Fiends Mod APK which unlocks all the levels automatically.

All characters unlocked

There are some of the most amazing and super rare characters like Rose, Nog, Karma, Rascal, Bam, and Miles that can drastically improve your store. It’s essential to choose a strong lineup because the characters will affect your score. You can use unlock all the mentioned characters with the Best Fiends Mod APK and top the leaderboards.

Gameplay Video


We can make a rough idea of how popular it is when we know that over 90,000,000 people are already playing this game. The game is easy to play but hard to master, which makes it challenging. It is not like other puzzle games like Candy Crush or Bubble Witch. With every combo, your characters will attack the enemy with amazing animation. Stick to the game because more levels will be added to the game soon.Unlimited Unlimited


All applications at are tested and verified before being made available to the users. Best Fiends Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that "Cheats" or "Generators" for Best Fiends Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.

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