Angry Birds 2 mod apk

Angry Birds 2 Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Gems, Black Pearls) v2.30.0

Angry Birds 2 mod apk

NameAngry Birds 2
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
Latest Version2.34.0
File Size66 MB
FeaturesGems, Black Pearls
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Angry Birds 2 Mod APK


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Angry Birds 2 is one of the best casual slingshot game that we’ve ever played or will ever play. The success of Angry Birds purely lies in the dynamics of the game, how it was released back in July 2015 and still manages to be one of the top-grossing games on Google PlayStore. Angry Birds 2 has more than 100 million downloads, which is almost equal to the number of downloads PUBG Mobile has received, and that’s remarkable. We are sure that you all have played Angry Birds 2 and if you’re one of those who know very little about the game, we are going to unfold almost everything related to it.


After the events of Angry Birds, Chef Pig evades with the eggs and places them inside an airship, leaving Red to gather the rest of the birds pursuing him and other pigs. After Chef Pig is dethroned, the Foreman Pig takes over followed by the King Pig on defeat. This cycle keeps on repeating itself to avoid the flocks from getting the eggs back. All of this was beautifully visualized in a video which unfortunately has been removed in the recent updates.


If you are not new to this game, you will notice several changes from the prequel, although the core mechanics of launching the flocks into evil pigs via the slingshot remains the same. Flocks are now assigned randomly from the collection of unlocked birds, and there is no option to change it manually. Three of these cards are shown to the player while other ones remain hidden. There’s a “Destruct-O-Meter” which will reward the player with a new bird card once it is filled and renewed back to zero. Angry Birds 2 introduces the concept of lives which restricts the total number of allowed attempts. You will start with five lives, and one will be deducted every time you fail or leave a level. However, you will not lose any life if you do not launch any bird. So, I think that pretty much covers the update that Angry Birds 2 has received over its prequel. If you want a detailed review and comparison, head over to this post from AndroidAuthority.

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Why is a Mod Version needed for Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 unlimited gems and black pearls

With the recent updates, Rovio has introduced a lot of new stuff in the store that is worth buying. In addition to that, there are new elements in the game like Clan, creating one of which takes 350 gems. I know all of this sounds crazy, but it has been introduced so that the game can be fed well and can run for another decade maybe? In-app purchases can cost you from as little as 70 INR to as much as 7000 INR and believe me or not; people are buying these things to accelerate their progress in the game. If you’re also looking for something similar which can boost your in-game progress, we aren’t surprised. Well, what if I told you that you could get all of this for free whereas other people spend thousands? Exciting, right? Angry Birds 2 Mod APK will give you unlimited gems and black pearls along with unlimited everything. If you can’t wait anymore to try your hands on this piece of magic, try it to believe it.

Installation Procedure

Once you have downloaded the mod, installing it will be as easy as joining two dots to form a line, or you can say a toddler’s task. Here is a step by step guide to walk you through the installation process:

  1. Before we go any ahead, we need to make sure that your device is not running a version of Angry Birds 2 already. In case it is, uninstall the game and remove game data as well as its cache. This will give your device a fresh space to get things started.
  2. After step 1, it’s time to hit the install button.
  3. Once the setup has finished installing, it’s time to provide access to the required permissions so it can save its files on your phone’s storage and can send you timely notification related to events and offers.
  4. You can enjoy Angry Birds 2 Mod APK now. Easy, right?


Angry Birds 2 mod apk is jam-packed with over seven different features. These features allow you to customize the game as per need. A player can collect gems, black pearls, and feathers as well as unlock levels and birds instantly with this mod features. The mod version of this game is also referred to as the Mega mod by a lot of players.

Here is a list of 7 features that make this mod stand out from the rest.

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Gems are the primary premium currency in Angry Birds 2. They can be used to continue levels, daily challenges, and the arena when you are losing. Gems can also refill all five lives, and help in purchasing spells and powerups. There are over 12 different areas where gems are used in the game but only four ways to earn them, i.e., by using free chests, completing daily quests, weekly tournaments, and through in-app purchases.  The use of gems has become even more vital in this second edition, and that is why the mod version of Angry Birds 2 offers them in unlimited quantity.

Black Pearls

Black Pearls are not a critical resource in the game but can be used to personal touch on the birds. A player can purchase Fancy Hats, Winter Hats, Wig, Crown, straight out of Wildwest through Black Pearls. With Angry Birds 2 Mod APK, you will get unlimited black pearls which can be used to customize flocks.

All Levels Unlocked

Angry Birds 2 is a multi-stage level game with boss battles (referred to as boss piggies) at every arenas final stage. It’s hard to figure out exactly how many levels are there in the game, but I can assure you that there more than you can play. However, all these levels unlock in sequential order. So, to unlock Level 2, you have to unlock level 1, unlock 2 to unlock 3 and so on. There’s nothing more annoying than to get forced to play a certain level. If you want to enjoy the liberty of playing any level, you have to download the mod.

Full Health/Lives

Unlike previous editions of the game where players can retry levels as many times as need, Angry Birds 2 features lives where there are a limited amount of attempts allowed. If failed to clear a level the number lives reduce by one from a maximum of 5. Once all the lives are exhausted, it takes thirty minutes for one life to regenerate. The mod version offers unlimited lives so that you try as many attempts as you like to destroy the pigs and their fortresses.

Unlocked Spells and Powerups

According to the literal meaning, spells are a state of enchantment. Similarly, the spells in the game will give evoke special abilities in your birds like Blizzard, Hot Chilli, Pig Inflator, Mighty Eagle, and a lot more. With Angry Birds Mod APK, you will get spells unlocked for free.

Unlocked Birds

As we already told you about the “Destruct-O-Meter,” it will reward you with a bird card that will unlock a bird for you. Since there are so many of them, it is obvious to get restless while waiting for them to get unlocked. Alternatively, you can put your wait to an end and get all your favorite birds (Stella, Bubble, Terence, Hal, Silver, Blues) unlocked by installing Angry Birds 2 mod version.

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Gameplay Video


100 Bowmasters may come and go, but the crown of best slingshot game will always remain by the side of Angry Birds. Angry Birds 2 has captured million hearts, and it will continue to. The surreal graphics of the game will make it hard for you to get off your phone. So, are you ready to evolve your flocks and show your skills in the most intense Angry Birds game out there?

Unlimited Unlimited


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