Aliens Drive me Crazy mod apk

Aliens Drive Me Crazy Mod APK – Unlimited Everything (Money, Guns, Health) v3.0.8

Aliens Drive me Crazy mod apk

NameAliens Drive Me Crazy
PublisherRebel Twins
Latest Version3.0.8
File Size75 MB
FeaturesMoney, Coins, Guns
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
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Aliens Drive Me Crazy Mod APK


What happens when aliens invade into the earth with no warning? The whole world gets in danger. Aliens drive me crazy is an action game that showcases a similar scenario. The game has over 5 million installs on Google Play Store and an outstanding rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. Made by Rebel Twins, the game offers a moderate level of violence, which is the main reason why it is rated of users with 12+ years of age.

So, if you would like to take the responsibility of the city, take a step forward and fight crazy aliens.


Aliens Drive Me Crazy is a modern-day alternative to the popular 90s game Super Contra. The objective of the game is simple. You have to use your guerrilla fighting tactics, take control of your car, and make your way through the city to reach the Alien headquarters. Unlock special weapons, airstrike to take enemies from above, and other destructive weapons to help you on this unforeseeable journey. Smash walls, floors, ceiling, and everything that comes in your way. Compete against your friends for achievements in this fun but challenging game.

Why is a mod required for Aliens drive me crazy?

Unlimited coins and unlocked weapons

There are two significant reasons why you will find Aliens drive me crazy Mod APK beneficial. Number one, since the game received its last update on February 2019, they crazily increased the difficulty of the game that practically makes it unplayable for most of the players, except if you’re highly skilled. Number two, there are a lot of in-app purchases available in the game which are so useful they can flip your gameplay upside down. Aliens drive me crazy mod APK provides you unlimited everything which includes unlimited coins, guns, money, and much more. If you still doubt what the mod is capable of, the next few paragraphs should clear your doubts.

Before that, why don’t you download the Aliens Drive me Crazy Mod APK, and if you don’t get what you expected, you can delete it.


We are way too excited to share the feature of the mod with you. This amazing application packs not one, not two, but seven exciting features to keep your eyes on. Without further ado, here are they:


Coins play the role of primary currency in the game. They are used for purchasing guns, cars, ammo, and other types of equipment. Coins can either be earned by completive missions or through in-app purchases. Completing missions will only give you a few coins, and it would take a lot of regular gameplay to collect a significant number. You need an unlimited number of coins to be able to get your hands on some of the most exciting weapons, cars, and armors.


The arsenal of guns featured by this game is probably one of the best we have ever seen. However, these mighty guns come at a price that not everyone can afford. If you would like to enjoy shooting these guns, download Aliens drive me crazy Mod APK right away and get unlimited guns as a bonus.


As we already told you that the game got tougher since the last update, you are going to die often. Unlimited revives, cars and armor are what you need to be able to withstand the alien attack. This equipment can be bought using in-game money, which is in the form of gold coins. Having enough money will always help you get around difficult situations in the game.


In addition to the last feature, Aliens drive me crazy Mod APK also gives you access to extra lives and revives. So, you are not dying anytime soon.

All weapons unlocked

The game offers a wide variety of guns from short-range uzi to long-range snipers, any gunslinger would die for such an arsenal of weapons. Magnum, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Lasers, Ray guns, Aliens Drive me Crazy has it all. Getting all these weapons can be a bit difficult, though. You will initially start with a few entry-level arms and others can be unlocked after you reach a certain level. This issue can be bypassed using Aliens drive me crazy mod where you will get all weapons unlocked with max upgrades.

Unlocked Cars

With the mod, you will also get unlocked cars including a bulldozer, Thunder Child, King of the Road, tank, and a lot more. These vehicles will help you invade the city and commute between different districts.

Customizable Avatars

Aliens drive me crazy also gives you access to customizable avatars where you can choose to become a sheriff wearing a Viking helmet or a fox hat or become a pharaoh to wipe out the enemies.

Gameplay Video


Aliens Drive me crazy Mod is a well-built application, and I like how elements are put into their place. It’s a fun yet challenging game that will offer you the right amount of action. In addition to that, I was able to play the game the whole day without getting bored, which is a huge plus factor. Now, it’s up to you to save your town.Unlimited Unlimited


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