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Here at bluemods.com, we share all the latest Android apps, games, tools and their modified APKs (also known as mod APKs) for people who are interested in Android games. We create modified versions by altering the game files. We do this taking into account that any changes to original apk do not affect the developers or the users in any possible way. The Apps (APKs) that we provide have additional features that are not present in the regular app available on play store. All the app editing work is done by Justin Gates, who is the Android Developer for bluemods.com and has over 9 years of experience in this field.

The purpose of bluemods.com is to help and provide Android users with modified apps and games. Bluemods.com also organizes online and offline Tournaments for popular Android games like PubG, Counter-Strike, and Mini Militia. This site is primarily managed from our office address.

This website is managed by Justin Gates (Chief Editor and Android Developer), Jessie Moore (Freelance SEO expert), and Nick Krewen (Moderator, Writer, and Videogamer).

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For any query, you can contact us directly or send a message to any of our social profiles. [Facebook] [Twitter] [LinkedIn]